Thursday, January 15, 2015

Four Years

Today, Sir and I have been together for 4 years... time flies!

I still remember meeting him for the first time on this day four years ago. How nervous I felt. How gentlemanly he was. How warm his hands were, holding mine.

His first act of dominance, sweetly holding my hands to the table  at a local diner while we waited for our carrot cake and tea (me) and Monte Cristo sandwich (him).

His second act of dominance, not letting me play with my hair.

My safe calls from my roommate to make sure I was okay with this person who I met on the internet!

Who would have thought that four years later we'd be where we are.

I love you, Sir.

Happy Anniversary.


  1. that first time always stays so vivid….
    loved to read it, brings back memory lanes for me
    thank you and happy anniversary

  2. Happy Anniversary!! i am very happy for the two of you! =)

  3. Happy anniversary! What a sweet story!

  4. Thanks so much! It was a great night!


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