Friday, April 13, 2018

FFF: Eleven - Fresh Start Friday

Time for Fit for Friday!

Hope the week is treating you all well. It's been a busy one for me with work and other things, but I'm off this weekend so hopefully I can play catch up, and be outside. It looks like spring may finally be here, for real!

Workouts: 5/7 - Pretty good this week. Friday, between hiking and walking downtown, I did over 6 miles. Sunday was sports practice, and I went for a two mile run with a teammate right after. Tuesday I did this lower body workout. Did a walk on Wednesday, and another sports practice on Thursday.

Eating: 2/7 - Sir and I went out for wings and beer on Saturday night. On Tuesday I was off work and threw myself an eating party. And I only now just finished the last of my Easter candy, which I've been eating all week. I think I am PMS-ing too.

Weight: Gained another 0.8 lbs. Maybe some of it is bloat, but a lot of it is food. Hopefully back on track this week!

Stress: Despite it all, I feel pretty good. Having this weekend off helps.

Decluttering: Maybe that will happen this week? I did bring some boxes home for our eventual move!

Sleep: 4/7 - Three nights over 8 hours, two over 7. Tuesday was another night where I was okay with losing sleep. Last night was rough though. Couldn't fall asleep after practice, and had to be up at 5:30 AM. Still, I think I'm getting used to it, and I'm not as exhausted as before.

Sir starts his brand new job on Monday! And we can finally start looking for apartments to reduce the commute times. We're going out tomorrow night to celebrate. Hooray, date night! I'm hoping to attack the garden this week. And perhaps I can have a fresh week to work on my weight goals this week too.

Happy Spring!


  1. good luck on the apt hunt. That sounds exciting. hope the celebration was fun!

    1. Thanks! We want to move by July 1st, so most apartments aren't available yet. But its still good to look; maybe we'll get lucky!

      We went out for sushi; it was a nice little date!

  2. Hi Lea,

    Way to go on the workouts. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend off and also getting some relax time. Wishing Sir all the best for the new job. Good luck with the apartment hunting. Exciting!


    1. Thank you, Roz. It was a great weekend. I haven't had a traditional "Sat/Sun" weekend off in awhile.

      I'm very excited to find a new place!

  3. Sounds extremely busy....getting ready to move, is usually a good time to decide...pack it or donate or toss it! Good luck finding an apt..What an exciting time for you. hugs abby

    1. So true! I expect I'll be doing fantastic with decluttering soon!

  4. Yay for fresh starts - and apartment hunting. Hope you had a lovely date night.

    1. Thank you, Olivia. We had a nice night getting sushi and hibachi!


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