Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ask and You Shall Receive

Last Tuesday I was off work. On a lovely weekday. I had a nice lemon tart in a coffee-shop while reading a book. I got my car serviced. I made a nice dinner and spent time with Sir when he got home.

Lately, I've been feeling pretty frisky. More than "normal" I suppose. When he first got home, I was not subtle about it. At all.

But Sir was tired after a long day at work. And it *was* late. So he said he just wanted to watch TV and go to bed. So we did watch TV, and I got ready for bed too. In my long warm pajamas and my big bathrobe, and I got myself all bundled up in bed with the heating blanket on.

Just when I felt ready to pass out, Sir changed his mind.

Initially I was grumpy. You see, Sir has tended toward a habit of waiting until what feels like the last minute to get it on. When we were both off work, he'd have literally the entire day, and then right before bed is when he'd start making a move. It felt like he would do this every time to me! I would get so frustrated, since I felt like I was putting myself out there all day and now when I'm tired and ready for bed (and not feeling so sexy anymore), he's finally ready?

I did tell him, "You know, you did have the entire evening..."

On the other hand, I am his submissive. If he feels like it is sexytime, it IS sexytime.

And he was right, and it was fantastic.

Plus, wasn't I the one saying last week that this was one of the few things I was willing to lose sleep over?

I got what I asked for and it was worth it, though I lost sight of it momentarily.


  1. Oh my gosh yes my Sir does the exact same thing! Maybe it's a Dominant thing?

  2. Hi Lea, sounds like a lovely day off :)

    Better late than never lol. Yep, this is familiar here too.


  3. It was lovely, thanks!

    It amazes me that there are others who have to deal with that. But I feel better knowing I'm not alone, haha!

    Thank you both.


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