Friday, March 02, 2018

FFF5: Trying to be Fit while Sick

Fifth Fit for Friday is here!

I'm not expecting too much for this week. I went to my little cousin's birthday party this past weekend, and it turns out she was really sick, ended up going to the ER (Boo to her mom for letting her potentially infect everyone, though the little one is starting to feel better). So I got infected and now I'm sick too. Poo. I don't have high hopes for this weeks goals, I've been pooped. I've been intentionally eating more too, trying to give my body the energy to heal itself.

You Should Eat More When Sick

Workouts: 3/7 Barely. I did two sports workouts. I skipped last night. I did go for a quick jog on Sunday after practice though.

Eating: Friday and Saturday were awful. I didn't even log it. Family parties, and reunion with my cousins at night. Much alcohol and snacking. I did stay at about maintenance the other 5 days though. Not enough to counteract that increased eating for the other two days, however.

Weight: + 1.2 lbs. I expected this with the cold and overeating, though. I just hope I get over it soon so I can go back to kicking butt.

Stress: I'm not really stressed this week. I'm sleeping and resting a lot. I think I have a bit of cabin fever, actually. I've been playing video games and watching a lot of TV, which I fall asleep to.

Decluttering: I started working on the bathroom shelves, but didn't finish. I'll get to it next week, hopefully.

Sleep: Friday I didn't get much sleep. Up hanging with my cousins. But I slept over 8 hours, sometimes 10 or 11 hours every other night. Yesterday I spent most of my time unintentionally dozing. Hopefully it will help me get over my cold faster.

I go back to work, tomorrow! Eeek. While I'm very excited and I love my job, I am a bit anxious about getting into my new (old) routine. Early wakeups, long drives, managing the house, and life, and serving Sir with the new things I have going on. I figure it will be about 2 weeks of hell before I get used to it again.

In other news, my laptop is starting to crap all over itself. I can barely use it. I can't open certain programs, it overheats, it has display issues, there's something rattling inside it. It's 7 years old, which in technology terms is ancient, so it's probably time for a new one. I am not financially ready to get a new one though, so we'll see what happens. If it completely dies, I can get on through Sir's computer, though I'd prefer not to be a burden on him. Hopefully I won't disappear from blogland though.

Have a great first week of March! Spring is coming!


  1. Oh man Lea! Sorry you caught a bug and what a go! that's a lot for being under the weather!
    Adapting to a new/old routine does take time!

    1. Thanks, Bleue. I am still trying, but my mojo is gone, haha. I'll be happy just to maintain, even!

  2. Hi Lea, argh, I'm sorry you have been sick, you have done well despite it. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    You are doing great on the sleep goal, something that's a big problem for me also. Good luck with the new/old routine. Changing routine is hard.


    1. Thanks, Roz. I don't feel I've done well, but I think we're always hardest upon ourselves.

  3. So sorry to hear you are sick Lea. Sending positive healing vibes your way. Eat chicken noodle soup and drink pineapple juice with some ginger in it. Help reduce phlegm and cuts down the time you have a cold.
    Good luck returning to work. Hope you are in a routine soon and not too tired.
    Hugs Lindy xx

    1. Thanks, Lindy. I've been having soup, and drinking citrus juice. I've not heard of it with the ginger though, I'll have to give it a try. I've been supplementing wit vitamin C. I hope it goes quickly, but I think it's gonna stick around.

  4. Argh sorry to hear you were unwell Lea that's sucky. Good luck with work!


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