Friday, March 09, 2018

FFF: Struggle in the Sixth Week

Another Fit for Friday is here! I made it through the week somehow, hurrah!

This was a rough week for me. I started back at my "real"  job on Saturday (I work super part-time at another job in the winter). The first day was pretty intense, we had a big event that required a lot of physical activity. And then... just getting used to it all again. The 5:30 AM wakeup, the 1.5 hour drive each way, managing the rest of my life in a very small window of time. Throwing sports practice into the mix, being sick... I definitely don't have it figured out. I am exhausted and hoping that another week or two will have me feeling "normal" again.

I am off today, though! So I am going to use this day as much as possible to do the little things I couldn't all week, and relax a bit. I'm going to dye my hair. Do my nails. Take a long hot shower. Catch up on all your blogs! Do some core exercises. Play some video games. Maybe write a bit here, even.

Onto my week. I'm not expecting much, honestly.

Workouts: 😞 I did not work out at all. I did literally drag myself to two sports practices. I skipped out on one this week, and one last week! I'm tired and still sick. Going to practice on Wednesday was a real struggle. I felt awful and that I went backwards in progress, even.

Eating: 😏 Apparently I didn't even log food last Friday, so it must have been bad! I have no idea what I ate that day. In general ate more this week than I have been, either at or slightly under maintenance. I find myself hungry at work and I'm not used to the schedule yet. I see myself adjusting and eating a little less and a little less each day as the week went on though! At least I was mostly under maintenance, so I will take it for this week! I have to figure out how to pack  healthy filling snacks so I'm not hitting the candy bowl. I pack snacks, I'm just still hungry.

Weight: 😊 Down 0.8 from last week. That is great! I do feel like the past few weeks I've been hovering though. I'm currently 177.0 lbs. If I could get to 175 and continue from there, I think I'd feel like I'm making progress. I've been going from 176ish to 178ish for the past few weeks. Ups and downs.

Stress: 😵I am stressed. Lots of new change, A LOT of new responsibilities at work... I'm essentially being trained for another position, but really just throwing myself in there. But right now, I still have my current position. So, I'm doing both jobs. It will probably work out fine, but I'm anxious because of it. That plus lack of sleep and I am a bit frazzled.

Decluttering: 😐  Hahahaha. It was all I could do this week just to keep our daily messes contained! I think I did that, more or less, but didn't have time to work on focused areas. I want to get to reorganizing the bathroom shelves and medicine cabinet. Eventually. Next week, maybe? 

Sleep: 3.5/7 Three nights I managed to sleep about 8 hours or more. One night I managed 7. The other three nights, was a bit less than 6 hours. I need to work on this. Having sports practice on a worknight is hard. I get to bed around midnight, and have to be up around 5:30 am. Six o'clock if I really rush myself and have most things ready the night before. Last night I was able to take a nap before practice, for about a half hour. Not sure if it helped.

I was so tired getting in last night that I forgot to put my collar on before hopping into bed. Sir said he was going to punish me, except I have to leave for the dentist in about ten minutes.

What I'm looking forward to the next couple of days: Sleeping in. And cuddling with Sir. If he doesn't change his mind and punish me first.

I hope you all have a fantastic week-end and a great week!


  1. Sounds like you jump in with both feet on everything you do! If you can manage to keep the stress level down, you'll be golden. Have fun with that cuddle time. How could you be due a punishment? As busy as you are, there is no time to misbehave!

    1. Thanks, Amy. I try to go into things wholeheartedly.

      I forgot to put my collar on when I got home. Maybe he's being lenient because of all the stress and exhaustion!

  2. Hi Lea, it is very hard getting back into routine, I'm not surprised you are stressed and tired. Focus on readjusting first and foremost before anything else. Way to go on the weightloss and you are doing so well with the sleep goal, which is especially important now you are back at work and learning a new job.

    Enjoy your down time, pamper yourself and enjoy the cuddle time:)


    1. Thank you, Roz. taking that time to readjust it a great piece of advice. I forget that sometimes. That Rome wasn't built in a day.

      I feel I'm doing terrible with the sleep goal, but it could be worse! I think I feel bad about it because I feel tired. I need 8 hours to feel normal.

  3. You have done really well seeing you have been sick Lea. Enjoy your down time and cuddles.
    Hugs Lindy xx

    1. Thank you Lindy. Sometimes I need that reminder that I'm not at my best right now and that I should be more forgiving.

  4. Sounds like a rough week....full of stress. Enjoy your weekend...and Monday is another fresh start. hugs abby

    1. It was, abby! And thank you, sometimes we gotta remember that tomorrow is a new day!

  5. Good grief, woman, your job sounds a bit brutal - at least the commute does. Hope your next week is a bit more comfortable. Enjoy your day off!!

    1. I love my job, but it can be stressful and the commute... it is truly awful. I spend 3 - 4 hours every day in my car. Sir also has a long commute, 70 minutes each way. He is currently trying to find work closer to my job. Then we can move and each have smaller commutes!


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