Wednesday, March 28, 2018

March Questions: World's Best

I'm nearing the home stretch! Just one more question to answer after this!

Jz asked:

They've given you a trophy.
"World's Best _______"
What is written in the blank (and why!)?

This was really difficult for me. What would I be the best at? I thought of trite sexy things like World's Best Cocksucker, or World's Best Submissive. But those things don't fit me. There's improvements to be made!

I thought of  maybe an oddball one like:

World's Best at Wearing Two Different Socks to Work.

Or World's Best Cat Cuddler.

But I think the one non-kinky statement that rings true for me right now is:

World's Best Relative.

Not to brag, though it is bragging I guess: you'd want me as part of your family tree. I go above and beyond for my family, often to my own detriment. I would like to say that most people could say the same thing about themselves, but in my family, it is not true. It is not reciprocal.

I spend a lot of time, energy, and financial resources to visit, plan events, and help a lot of my family members. To the point where I am now having to learn to draw boundaries in a healthy way, and it is hard. I feel like a big jerk to say no. But it's what is right. Sir has been a great help.

But I love my family and when push comes to shove, if he wasn't here to help me with those boundaries I'd be off all the time running myself ragged.

I'm very glad I have Sir to keep me in check, though he does still want me to engage with my family of course. On Friday I'm making a special trip to see my uncle. He's like a second father to me, and he's turning 70! I'll stay there for a few days, then meet up with Sir and his family for Easter.

The other one I could think of is "World's Best Hair Bondage Wearer".

I don't see any other women wearing their hair in rope bondage. Ever. 

So just now, I googled "Rope Hair Bondage" just to see what would come up before I make this statement.

There were a couple photos I saw of women like me, interspersed with other non-relevant results.

And then....

One of my own friggen photos comes up in the top results!

So I feel pretty good about the second statement now!


  1. Hi Lea, great question and I enjoyed reading your answer. Love world's best cat cuddler btw. Your family are lucky to have such a loving and supportive relative, setting those boundaries can be hard. Happy Birthday to your uncle, I hope you have a wonderful trip and Easter.

    How funny your own photo came up in the search.


    1. Thank you, Roz. I could definitely do with more cat cuddles.

  2. I'm thinking we can kick you up a notch and just call it for Worlds Best Hair Bondage Representative. After all, if you're right there in the number one result...!

    An excellent answer, thank you for your answer. (And illustration!)

    1. That is brilliant Jz. So much better, especially were one writing a resume!

  3. I agree that you are the best hair bondage wearer! I tried it once but my hair just wasn't into it.

    1. Thank you! It is a big strain on the hair and head. But it can be so pretty! Sir has gotten pretty adept at it.

  4. I agree your hair looks perfect for being bound. I think my neck would snap given that amount of hair and then the added weight of rope. I appear to have a lot of hair, but it is extremely fine ( the appearance of a lot comes from being it crazy curly/frizzy). Basically NOT a good candidate. I'd look like I have a 80s Rat's tail.

    I think the Moniker World's Best Relative would be a fantastic one to have. I can claim it for SOME of my relatives. LOL


    1. Thank you Willie. Sir does a great job. It is VERY heavy at times though. I often get a tension headache after awhile of wearing it like that.

  5. Ah now, the first one is awesome! Except for the whole "often to my own detriment" part...#itsokaytosayno.

    I so admire your hair bondage! Crazy beautiful.

  6. Absolutely love your hair bondage Lea, I think you take the World's Best for sure with that one. AWW you are so sweet going above and beyond for your family. As Bleue said it is ok to say no though. Sometimes people need to be told NO. Happy birthday to your uncle, have a fun time and Happy Easter to you all.
    Hugs Lindy xx

    1. Thanks Lindy! I really enjoy the look of it, when done tight like that.

      I am working on saying no. I think Sir would agree that I am much better now, though I have been getting re-tested lately. I'm glad he's around to keep me strong!

  7. In my much younger years, I had hair down to my tushie..was way before I was aware of bondage of any kind. You deserve the hair bondage award,,,what a wonderful surprise to find. Family is good for you on making family a priority. hugs abby

    1. I bet your hair was lovely, abby. Now that I have long hair I find myself more entranced when seeing another woman with long hair as well.

  8. Beautiful hair bondage -and indeed the World's Best!! That's so cool. Everyone else has already fussed at you about being a good relative to your own detriment, so I don't need to. But what a fun post - I really enjoyed it.

  9. Hmmmm, look at you .....all....'nekkid'! I certainly didn't expect that this morning. for awards? I got one! For that cute picture: "Most Judicious Placement of Bondage Hair".

  10. All naked, indeed. The only thing that has Sir approving of me to post that picture is that bit of hair! I've got some nudity posting rules.


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