Monday, October 03, 2016

Birthday Spankings

With Sir's newfound income has also come the ability for him to spoil me. I wouldn't say I am a spoiled brat (though I am a brat at times) but for my birthday Sir certainly made me feel special.

Sir woke me up by beating my ass. He let me sleep in, and then rolled me onto my stomach and spanked, hit, flogged, paddled me in sets of 33. He had me count each set. Once I was completely gooey-minded, he pushed me down and fucked me from behind, holding me in place, spanking my ass, hitting all those sweet spots. Such simple things to make me happy, I guess. In the right circumstances I love that position and I get very vocal at times with it. Happy Birthday to me, neighbors!!

Sir took us to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire for my birthday. We've lived very close to the Faire for two years, but this is the first time we'd had enough money to be able to go! I drank many pumpkin ciders (I'm not a fan of ALL things pumpkin - in fact pumpkin lattes are gross, but this cider is amazing), watched a  live raptor show (hooray birds), cheered for my favorite knight in the joust, went to the bladesmithing demo (Sir was very interested in this and asked ALL the questions), attended a human chess match, window shopped, had yummy foods, visited the bookstore... so much fun! Sir even bought me a bottle of the pumpkin cider to take home as a gift! The next day he also took me out to a really nice sushi restaurant for dinner.

It was lovely to be able to truly indulge without worry. It's not going to our heads; we're back to budgeting, but being able to buy some ground beef or celebrate an occasion without stress is amazing.

2016 is kicking 2015's butt!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    The Renaissance Faire looks amazing! Lucky you to live so nearby.

  2. Happy birthday. Your celebrations sounds wonderful'
    Hugs Lindy

  3. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday Lea! This sounds wonderful and the Faire sounds awesome. I'm glad you had such a great day :)


  4. Happy birthday Lea! Glad you had an AWSOME day :)

  5. Happy Belated! The beast went with her father the weekend before last, all dressed up and everything. Glad to hear you had a good day!


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