Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Collared in the Car

Sir's mother is turning 70! We drove out there to celebrate with her. Sir's sister made reservations at a pretty swanky Italian restaurant. Sir's mother didn't want a big party, so we had a nice dinner out instead (we did tell her that for 75, we're doing a party, so she's got 5 years to get used to the idea).

Sir had me wear my collar in the car on the way there and back. A one-way trip is about 3 hours.

I was freaking out a little bit. What if we're seen? I asked Sir if I could put my scarf around my collar to walk to the car from our house. He let me, and once we got gas and were on the road, the scarf had to come off. I was a little nervous, but at least in the car there is some kind of false anonymity behind the metal frame. Sure, people might see us, but it will only be for a moment at 70 mph. Soon I forgot about it.

That is, until we got near the house. I started bringing up more and more when I'd be able to remove it. Where it would go once it was removed.  I was so anxious, worrying about what I would do if Sir told me I had to keep it on (not that I thought he would, especially in front of his mother). Or if he had me remove it in front of the house and they were outside, or if we were driving through town and they saw us. What would we say? How would that be received? The collar I was wearing couldn't be played off as anything else, really. As we got off the highway and got closer and closer to the house, I could feel myself nearly vibrating with the anxious energy. I was physically sitting on my hands to keep them from touching my collar. I was clenching my jaw to not ask Sir, "Now? How about now? ....Now? Here?"

Eventually as we turned onto the main road of their town 5 minutes to go, Sir allowed me to remove the collar. I asked him why he chose that distance. He simply said, "This is what I decided".

He instructed me to put the collar in his glovebox, but he had too many gaming things in there. I put it instead in the pocket of the car door, curling the one end in the cupholder. I still felt like it was screaming, "Look at me! Look at me!", so I covered it gently with napkins.

It was a good thing I did though, since Sir's mother ended up going in his car when we rode to the restaurant! Normally, I insist that she take the front seat on the rare occasions when this happens, but she hopped in back quickly and I was so paranoid that she would find the collar up there.

Nothing happened, and it was a lovely evening out and spending time with his family.

Once we were back on the road home, Sir had me re-collar for the drive. By the time we got to our house near 1 am, I honestly don't recall if I covered up or not from the car to the house. I must have, but it was dark and I was exhausted. I cared much less.

An interesting observation: it was amazing to me how many people did NOT notice, at all. When we were stopped at lights I thought there may have been stares, and I was bracing myself for the scrutiny. But I didn't notice any. There may have been some I didn't notice, but if there were I'm glad I didn't!

I don't like to feel put on the spot or like I'm under the microscope, but I'm glad Sir had me do this.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Sir's mother. I'm glad you had a lovely dinner and celebration for her. I can totally understand you being anxious about being seen wearing the collar. We went to a BDSM event once and I walked from the car to the venue wearing one. Let's just say the collar of my jacket was pulled right up lol.



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