Thursday, October 06, 2016

Falling Asleep

My job has been pretty stressful the past few weeks. We put on a HUGE autumn festival. I started a volunteer position recently, and the first meeting coincided with the day of the festival - I didn't get home from work till 12:30 am after doing a full shift on my feet all day. I've been pretty exhausted lately.

The house shows it, too. Sir can tell when I'm getting overwhelmed because the bedroom cleanliness goes out the window. Clothes start collecting, the floor starts collecting until our room resembles a cave where every surface is covered in things ( I do my best to get by with the bathroom and kitchen though, because otherwise it's really beyond nasty).

A couple of days ago he instructed me to pile all the of the clothing into 'normal wash' and 'not normal wash (i.e. delicates, costumes, fancy stuff), and to start a wash before he came home from work. I really had good intentions but when he got home from work he found me passed out in my bathrobe on the bed.   And I stayed that way until I had to go the work the next day (For clarity, this was not the night I got in after midnight; I think it was the night before). I think I slept over 13 hours.

This is me, nearly all the time. The pile is actually called my other boyfriend.

Sir was very generous with me. He had me get up early in the morning to sort most of it out, and then he did loads and loads of laundry on his day off while I went to work. When we were both off, we had a folding party and most of it is under control now.

I somehow feel like this instance is a metaphor for how things can be in our relationship though. I feel like I am falling asleep on our D/s at times. I need more... guidance I suppose. I need Sir to be my caffeine. Maybe more attention of a D/s nature. Like, he gave me a very specific task... and I go to sleep instead.  Really?!

I've also been neglecting my Kitty Cafe Chart. When I am stressed, food is a major way I cope, which isn't great. I am at least aware of it. But I should try to mitigate it better. I am trying again, now that the festival is over.

I know he wasn't happy about my falling asleep and getting this job done. I know he was lenient because I've been breaking my ass at work.

But a small part of me worries and I hope it won't become a recurring thing. I am off today, so hopefully I can work on getting things done!


  1. Ugh! Such a sucky feeling...

    Sometimes you just gotta sleep though.

  2. Hi Lea, you have had so much going on it's no wonder you fell asleep. I love that your Sir helped you with the laundry. He obviously took the circumstances into account and knew you didn't intentionally neglect the task.

    Hope you enjoyed your day off and managed a bit if relaxation time too.



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