Monday, October 24, 2016

Phone Failure

Sir usually goes out gaming on Monday nights. Last week as he was driving home, he started to feel really ill. I had no idea but he called me ten times. TEN. In a row. He even texted, sent me a message on Facebook in case I was on the computer, and had his sister try to contact me by phone, text, and FB as well.

I was down in the basement, doing laundry, and I had no idea. My cell phone was upstairs on vibrate. We have no house phone. Eventually I came upstairs and started playing video games. I didn't check my phone. I didn't even look for it.

Well, Sir comes in and just by the way he called my name entering the house, I knew it was bad. He was shaking, weak. After he explained what happened, well I of course felt awful. I made sure to take care of him, and put him to bed.

It is a week later, and I still feel awful. It turned out okay, but what if something was really bad? What if he was stranded, or hurt worse? 

We don't have a rule about phones. I work in an area with poor reception most of the day. But tonight you can be sure that I have it right here and I'm obsessively checking it. Of course everything's fine now. It will only be when I don't have it again that something will happen.

I just hate failing him. 


  1. Thank goodness your Sir was ok and it turned out ok. It's so easy to have the phone on vibrate and not many would make sure they have it on them when moving around the house. I wonder if he may introduce a new rule now though?


  2. OMG I know what you mean about hating failing him- I'd feel the same way if that happened to us. I'm glad he made it home ok and you got him to bed and I hope he's feeling better. Don't beat yourself up too much, though- shit happens sometimes and I've been guilty of forgetting and leaving my phone on vibrate myself.

  3. He hasn't made it a rule, but hopefully it won't happen again!


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