Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weight Loss Motivation

I've been really trying to be motivated about being healthy and losing weight. I did really well before, losing nearly 30 lbs. Then... I just stopped caring. Between moving away from well, everyone, and losing my dad I just stopped giving a shit. And I've gained almost all of it back.

It was easier back in New Jersey. I had friends, a workout buddy, and my dad was my biggest cheerleader. He even took my "before" photo as I stood there awkwardly in my sports bra and shorts, haha.

I am the maid-of-honor in my friend's wedding in November. I have put on at least 10 pounds since I got the bridesmaid dress. I have a real fear of not fitting into the thing if I don't get my butt in gear. Several years ago this actually happened to me. I was the maid-of-honor for another friend's wedding and two days before the event I could NOT fit into that damn dress! I had to run out and purchase a new dress, praying that I could find something in the right color (it worked out, thankfully!) I don't want to chance it here, though. So, I do have a tiny bit of motivation there.

Sir is also helping me. He has been pretty good about checking if I am logging my food and if I am "under maintenance". I can be over my calorie goal as long as I am under maintenance calories - because then, I am still losing weight.

To that end, I now have a new motivation goal.

A few days ago, I read about Kitty and her Master's visit to a Kitty Cafe by them. It sounded amazing, and made  me wonder if we had such a place by us here in Pennsylvania.

Well, WE DO! There is a Kitty Cafe in Philly.

I now have a sticker chart. Every day that my calories are under maintenance, we get to put a sticker on the chart. At the end of the day, if I am under maintenance, Sir chooses the color of the sticker and I get to put it on. If I can get 60 stickers on the chart, we get to go to the Kitty Cafe. It is really helping me; having that extra goal. And I like the ritual of putting the sticker on before bed and Sir choosing the sticker for me.

I'm 10% there!
I made the little chart on Word, and I got really excited about it. But I didn't have any stickers for it. Sir told me that I could NOT retroactively put any stickers on it - the chart would officially start once all the materials were ready. That got me moving. He also said that I had to go out and get Kitty stickers.... duh, I don't know why I didn't think of that! When I went out, there weren't cat stickers, but they did have the paw prints which I really like, especially the colors. It had been a week of talking about the chart to actually making it and then getting the stickers.

Thank you, sticker chart, for the extra motivation. And thank you, Sir!


  1. Hi Lea, I love this! What wonderful motivation and I love the chart. I don't think we have kitty cafe here, I will have to find out. Wishing you the best with your weight loss goal.


  2. Oh, yay!
    Weight loss is such a mind game, it's all about finding something that really motivates you.
    I'm still looking but I'm pleased for you that you found a thing. :-)

  3. Thanks! Motivation is hard. Eating is how I cope with stress so it has been very difficult for me. My work exploded this past week and I've been stress eating like it's my job. I haven't put many new stickers on the Kitty Chart. Hopefully Sir can help me with this - get my butt in gear!


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