Friday, September 02, 2016

A Wonderful Couple of Weeks and D/s Headspaces

It has been an utterly fantastic couple of weeks here.

Sir and I went to the beach. Twice! Once for a day trip with my cousin, uncle and goddaughter, and then again this past weekend. My brother invited us for a few days since he was taking his little nuclear unit as well. We brought our mom and it was a great way for all of us to be together at our favorite place. We talked about doing a trip like this for months now, in honor of my dad, and I'm excited that we did. There were times where it was a bit rough, 7 of us in one hotel room and all that goes with it, but all in all I really enjoyed it. Sir I think tolerated a lot of it, with some highlights of enjoyment.

And then when we got back from vacation, Sir got utterly wonderful news.

He was offered the position he had been interviewing for!!!! After two years hoping to progress his chosen career by going back to school for further training he has landed a job in his field. It's a good salary, full time, with healthcare options, a retirement plan and time off benefits. And it's reasonably close to our house (70 minutes). We were worried initially because he didn't do well on his certification exam, and had to leave his school on a sour note but that doesn't seem to be holding him back at all.

He starts Wednesday. I am beyond excited and proud of him. I know this is going a long way for his mental state and his dominance as well. Achieving his goals and being confident goes a long way for his psyche.

Before we got the news, we were actually discussing how to help him feel more dominant since it just seems that our current lifestyle lends itself to my being more dominant. We talked about both our headspaces. Right now I am serving him by being the breadwinner. It is an active decision on his part. And that is what he needs to keep his head right. Active decision making. If he is at home right now, he can still make decisions. He can still contribute to the household (this is the major thing that was deflating him). There are other things besides paychecks that keep a home afloat.

Yesterday he pulled me aside and just physically took control over me, out of nowhere. Pulling me around by the nipples, grabbing my by the hair, kissing me at his leisure and want. Reminding me of who I am. I asked him jokingly, "where is my parade?" after doing a task, and he gave me one. A parade of smacks to the ass.

I have the task tonight of clearing our dining room table. Sir has been organizing the house and put things that he wanted me to deal with in a few boxes on the table. I am to find homes for the items (or throw them out) and then fold the dining table down (it is mounted to our wall). I am about halfway through with it, taking a quick beverage (and typing) break. This is a good lesson in submission for me today. While I don't mind the cleaning and putting away of the items, I am really ambivalent about taking our table down. I feel like it is going to take something away from our apartment - the feel of it being a proper home, perhaps. But that is not for me to decide. Sir has made his decision on how he wants it, and so I must comply even if I'm not really on board with it.

Part of that helps my head too - adhering to his wishes. Okay, my drink is done. Back to organizing for me!


  1. Hi Lea, this made me smile. Congratulations to your Sir on the new job, that is fantastic news :) I'm so glad to hear you have had such a wonderful couple of weeks and enjoyed time at the beach with family and that the two of you are in such a good place together.


  2. Congratulations!!!! Such good news, so happy for the both of you!

  3. Thank you both, this is definitely a blessing.


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