Friday, September 16, 2016

Great weekend - Outdoor and Indoor Recreation

Two days off. In a row! On the weekend! Coinciding with Sir being off, too!

That doesn't usually happen. My days off usually get split so they're not consecutive, or they're not on the weekend, or Sir is not also off. On the rare times I have both Saturday and Sunday off, and Sir is off too, it is usually because I asked for it and we have something to do in another state that will eat up the entire weekend.

On Saturday I spent the day puttering about the house. I scrubbed the heck out of the bathroom and kitchen, doing a really good cleaning. I watched movies and ate junk food in between bouts of cleaning. And it was so nice just to be HOME.

On Sunday... Sir and I went to another State Park! We had a picnic, kayaked, and I went swimming!

I've had this kayak for almost a year now, and it's the first time we've taken her out. We rented a kayak for Sir. We had a good time paddling at our will. We saw some turtles and a heron that let us get pretty close even if my camera doesn't show it.

Afterwards we had a nice little picnic lunch. And the beach was still open! This was an awesome surprise for me. In my East Coast head, beaches and all swimming close after Labor Day. Labor Day is the last hurrah. No more swimming after that. Well, it was over 80 degrees, and most PA State Park beaches are swim at your own risk - no lifeguards. Which meant the beach was still open! I didn't have a bathing suit, but I took a quick dip anyway, and it was so pleasant.

Such a good day. When we got home, Sir had me crawl under his desk and give him a nice blowjob while he did... whatever he was doing up there. Every time I would try to peek and see, he would grab the back of my head and force it hard down on his cock. Hot. I guess he was watching videos or something. He even put on his headphones so I couldn't hear.

Later, he dragged me to the bed and teased me, basically coming really close but refusing to actually fuck me. My brain loved this, the control being all with him, him denying me and I actually came from that. I get off on stuff like that. Refusing to kiss me fully, but sneaking tiny ones, refusing to fuck me but letting me feel him oh so close.

An all-around great weekend.


  1. That last bit sounds hot, but I know I would be so frustrated!

  2. Wow Lea, I agree, hot! So glad you were able to coordinate time off and spend the weekend together. A wonderful weekend indeed :)



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