Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Floor

I am doing my level best to appreciate my place... below Sir. At the floor. Every night, our evening routine is something like this:

I make dinner, serving Sir and myself. Sir takes his meal at the couch. I take my meal on the floor just below him. We watch Once Upon A Time on Netflix while eating. I use the coffee table for eating, and when I'm done, wrap myself in blankets as we finish the show, sometimes pausing to get an after-dinner snack for Sir or myself.

I am starting to like these moments. I feel like I have a little spot in the one area of the floor. A couple of mornings ago I had time to eat a bowl of oatmeal before work (usually I grab something that I can eat in the car on my commute). I remembered that I was restricted from eating at the dining room table. I took my breakfast to my little floor spot and breakfasted there. And it was nice! There were no distractions. I quietly ate my breakfast, alone with my thoughts. It was almost meditative.

I am thankful that Sir lets me sleep in the bed. I really need the support for my back, and I like sleeping next to him. I think I need to up my game on my furniture restriction rule, though. I am appreciating my time spent on the floor, but there is one area that I'm pretty consistently using furniture for: my computer. I have a foldable chair next to my computer desk that I sit on, even as I type this. I think it is high time that I folded it and put it away to remove the temptation or absentmindedness of sitting here. I can put this computer right on the floor just as easily as I eat on the floor (it is a laptop, after all). I am also going to move my dining room chair to help with that temptation also. The last thing that I am going to work on is eating from my lap when I am on the floor in the living room. Yes, the coffee table is there but that is technically furniture also, so perhaps I shouldn't be utilizing it. I can eat with my plate in my lap. Maybe I'll move the coffee table a little bit too.

I want to show Sir that I am taking his intentions to heart. Sure, he has not said anything about my sitting here at the computer, but just because he hasn't said anything yet doesn't mean that I should do it. Maybe this is how I take a more active role in my submission. Sir gave me a restriction; a task: Not to use the furniture. He didn't go around to each piece of furniture and specify its potential use. But that's where I should come in and apply myself to his wishes. This is a way that I can take my service and submission to a greater level.


  1. Honestly, I think it depends on whaat you're doing whether or not to utilize the floor. Personally, I find myself sitting on the floor normally when I either am feeling submissive and would like affectionate attention, or if I'm wanting quiet time to myself, curled up with a blanket and a book in a little nest.

    While using the laptop, I think it depends on what you're doing. If you're putzing on the internet, then plop down on the floor. If you're writing, or doing professional stuff, I find my posture helps me focus, and sitting properly in a chair helps. Likewise with eating, things like oatmeal, soup, and fingerfoods are fine for a plate in your lap, but with foods that need to be cut, utilizing the table is far easier than cutting hunched over, or balancing the plate. Perhaps cutting your food at the counter before you sit to eat would be a solution.

  2. I find sitting on the floor for long periods of time uncomfortable, due to back issues. Even with pillows, etc, it can be a real pain. But I think that is the point.

    I like your points about posture etc when being professional.


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