Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Beating the Blues

Sir and I think that maybe some of what I'm feeling may be sub drop. I've been just down, achey, irritable and depressed. Maybe that helped contribute to the episode the other day, but for a couple of days I was just....dejected. Sir wrapped me up in a blanket, and let me be on the couch for the first time in weeks. He put on comedy specials, and we cuddled.

It helped, a lot.

This weekend I gave him a nice blowjob where he finished (usually he demands to finish with sex). The next day he spent the evening focused on me - beating my ass, tying me up, spreading me wide. I admit I got a little bit bratty while being tied up. But once he tied me, I was much more receptive. It's hard not to be when my choice is taken away.

I reveled in it and when Sir was done I was a puddle of goo. Sometimes I guess he just has to beat the blues out of me. That, followed with a good deep fucking and I feel like a new person.

I hope the effects last for awhile.


  1. Yay! Glad to see this! Glad y'all are doing better, and enjoying each other and glad he's taking care of you. Wishing you both happy holidays, whatever you celebrate. =D

    1. Happy Holidays! Things have been better, but its a big adjustment, getting used to NOT doing certain tasks, or waiting for him to do them on his time. I've relaxed more though!


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