Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Chain

I've been thinking more and more about this chain that I have been wearing around my neck instead of my usual collars. The chain has its advantages even if I don't necessarily like it.

Sir instructed me to wear it for a reason, so I need to see those reasons and embrace what wearing the chain means.

The chain becomes cold when it is sitting in the collar cabinet drawer and I am not wearing it . Putting it on each day is a mini-shock to my system. Initially, I was dreading this shock, and I would avoid putting it on if I could. After my bath, I'd go right into bed so I didn't have to have the shock of it. But that cold shock is a good thing. It is the jarring moment that can change my headspace. When I wear this chain, I free myself from the outside world where Sir and I live our vanilla lives. I am free to be his submissive in a safe space our home.

The chain does warm up as it absorbs my body heat. It becomes comfortable. My submission is like that. At first things are uncomfortable and I seem resistant, but over time I gain confidence and become comfortable in my submission and I'm becoming comfortable wearing the chain. The chain reminds me that I am Sir's and I need to work for his collar. I cannot stay too comfortable in my submission, or I will not grow in my service to Sir.

There is also a big difference in wearing the chain locked around my neck compared to wearing either the comfortable or bulky leather collars. One is that Sir doesn't let me sleep with the chain on, whereas I am permitted to sleep in the other collars (usually the comfortable collars). I find that when I remove my chain for the evening, I feel less submissive somehow. As if I am removing part of my submission when I am removing the chain. It affects my brain, and my headspace. With the other collars, except for going outside of our home (or bathing), my collar is on continuously. It is reassuring, and helps keep me in my place. So I miss that - having it on nearly always, instead of the chain where I am actually unchained more during the day than otherwise.

Wearing the chain in one was is more "real" in one aspect. When I am chained and locked in, it is much more difficult to remove. Yes, my collars are lockable. But if I really had to get out of them, even if they were locked, I could. I could grab a scissor or a knife and start cutting the fabric. It might take some time, but I could do it. I could free myself. With the chain, this is not so. Were that key to be lost, I'd be pretty stuck in these chains. We'd need to get some boltcutters to free me, and I probably wouldn't be able to do it myself. I'd be uncomfortable putting something like that close to my neck at an awkward angle to self-apply. So once it's on my neck, it's really on.

I think that is part of the point, though.


  1. i love this posting Lea! It is so true that certain items can hold such meaning and can impact my moods and my level of obedience and submission. My day collars just really don't make me feels the same way as the metal collar i am allowed to wear after the kids go to bed.

  2. Items hold as much significance as we give them. I have a bracelet that I wear everyday (a leather strap from Sir) and it's like a mini-collar. If I'm out of the house without it, biiiig trouble. Such significance over such a small thing.


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