Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lost Libido

Lately, my libido has been nearly nonexistent. We're not sure if it is from the medicine, being tired from domestic things, or what but its definitely not there. It's not even that I'm disinterested, I'm actively NOT interested and trying to get out of sexual encounters. Sir would come by and try to initiate something, and my reaction is always to pull away, or huff in annoyance, or say something like, now?

Setting aside the issues of "is it my place to refuse?" or "In our dynamic, does Sir have that kind of access to me at all times?" (I guess we've not figured that out yet, though my response to Sir has always been: if it's what you want, continue on - Sir always gets me warmed up and it's those warm up advances I've been rebuffing that has shut everything down). Sir and I have to figure something out.

I mentioned to Sir that perhaps making sexuality more a part of our daily lives, service, and tasks could help. Our D/s seems very compartmentalized. I think Sir tends to think of big D/s acts in the realm of sex (whipping, spanking etc.); they go hand in hand. And all other tasks, like domestic service and anything he asks me to do, don't go in that realm. I think they can be combined. I think you can have a spanking or a whipping without sex. And I think introducing sexual things as part of my tasks or service will really help. Like giving me a sex related task to do, such as finding some type of video clip I find appealing and send it to him. Or masturbating at a certain time of the day, or with a certain implement, etc. That might bring my focus more to sex things.

As it is, I've taken Sir's disappointment with my libido to heart. I've hit the internet, looking at different video clips (I rarely ever look at porn). I've made myself ready and initiated activities.

My new favorite?

The Fruity Blow Job.

Take a fruit roll up. Wrap it around his cock, and start sucking! Sir liked it too, and he is usually pretty indifferent to these types of things.

He was watching the new Star Wars trailer when I crawled under his computer desk, and started undoing his pants. He got the idea and stripped himself quickly, robbing me of the task. I set myself to work with my mouth, making sure he was good and interested... it didn't take long. Then I took the fruit roll-up and wrapped it around him sealing it as best I could.[ Next time, I would wrap it closer to his head. Sir is a good size, and putting it lower on the shaft means I couldn't get it all and had to readjust, hahah].

The flavor was good, like a candy, and the sensations were nice for him too. It was better for him when there was a little bit of skin exposed, since the roll up is pretty thick at first. He also liked the feeling of a small bit of fruit roll being pulled slowly away from his skin into my mouth.

I have a new love for Fruit Roll-ups.It made me enjoy the act so much more, and by the end of it all, I was more than good to go!

I hope we can continue this trend.


  1. Certain medications can really mess with libido... i really hope that you are able to get it figured out.

    Another great way to bring the link into daily chores is to use a butt plug while doing them. It can definitely help keep your mind in a dirty place, lol ;-)

    1. Thanks. I'll be on these meds for another 8 months, so hopefully we can figure things out before then!

      Sir doesn't like anal things, but maybe this would work with nipple clamps!

  2. I can't believe I've never heard of using fruit roll ups that way! Guess what's going on my shopping list now? lol


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