Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Purposeful Thinking and Headspace

Today I arrived home much earlier than usual; it was a half day for work. There was a lot to do, and I thought I would spend my time wisely, getting some household chores done. But today, I wanted to change my thinking about how I approach my household duties.

Today, I kept my mind on Sir as I completed the task of cleaning the kitchen. 

When I cleaned the stove, I thought to myself: I am scrubbing this stove so Sir will have a clean apartment to come home to. I am cleaning this stove of stray bits of food so as not to attract insects. Sir will like living in a clean home free of pests. 

When I washed the dishes, I though:t Sir will appreciate seeing a clean sink. If I spend my time wisely, I free myself up more to spend time with him when get gets home. 

When I adjusted the thermostat, I thought: Sir will want to arrive to a warm home. He shouldn't have to wait for the house to heat up.

I am finding that this thinking is definitely helping me keep myself in the right frame of mind. Keeping these thoughts in mind gives me purpose. I am happy to complete these tasks instead of just going through the motions. I feel in my mind that I am not scrubbing the stove in my dirty boots and work shirt, but in my mind, I am a sexy maid completing these tasks for Sir. I am going to try to remember and apply this thinking when I do household tasks.

Completing the stray thought of feeling like a sexy maid in my mind when thinking of Sir as I do household tasks, perhaps wearing some kind of maid uniform when doing these tasks would help both my headspace, and spark my libido more. Especially if Sir controlled and picked such a uniform. That aspect of control over me, what I do and wear is always appealing to me.


  1. Oh my goodness! It would be so fun and absolutely seedy to clean the house in a sexy maid outfit... Sigh... Wish i had gotten into this before i had kids, lol...

    1. There's always after they go to bed, or maybe something worn underneath clothing!


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