Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Goals and Tasks

In part of that long conversation we had the other night, Sir and I talked about how we've not been using any sort of official rules. There are expectations that are assumed by both of us, even things that I have been punished for, but nothing was ever established as a rule.

So, one of my new tasks is to make a list of what I perceive are my current rules and expectations. Then Sir can see if they mesh with his, and we'll make something official. I'd already done a list of all the household things I take care of around here. He said the list was a lot longer than he thought it would be. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not.

A few things that Sir mentioned for the future:

He wants to work on getting me into a thicker, more restrictive collar. This is why comfy collar is now gone; no use going backwards away from a goal. He measured the "big monster collar" and.... it's only two inches high. That doesn't seem like much, but I asked Sir to consider the size of the neck it's on. Two inches might not be much for some necks, but if you've got a short neck to begin with, two inches can feel cumbersome.

He also mentioned an interest in corsets. He would like to eventually get me into a place where I am wearing a corset every day, at least in the home. He doesn't want to do extreme waist training, just comfortable corset wear and a little cinching I suppose.

Which also means that I now have to work harder on my posture and back issues, more than ever. I've been slacking on my physical therapy exercises. Sir says that perhaps a half hour before bed every night, that will be time for exercises, winding down, etc. Which also means he might re-institute an official bedtime, but since we've been living together, I've not had one. We pretty much go to bed around the same time between 10 - 11 o'clock.

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks as we mesh all this out and really make it official - what the rules/expectations are and are not, and future goals for me as a sub. I want to please Sir, and it will very much help me to know what he really wants from me, long term.


  1. Not sure if this will help, but if you Google protocols for slaves, you can find a lot of interesting info out about rules and etiquette in general M/s relationships. :-)

    1. It does - we've hit the internet before in terms of making lists and what's out there. It's another reason I like blogging - you get to see how others do it, and feel connected.

      I think I'll take a peek at some protocol and rules lists after I make my list for Sir - don't want to confuse what we do with what others do before I make the list!

  2. Rules are a good idea to help to make you feel more submissive. They are good training for you.



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