Sunday, August 04, 2019

Abort: A Scene Fail

One night after work, Sir let me know that something was going to go down after dinner. 

I love that; the anticipation. Thinking about it during our meal.

After dinner and a shower, Sir wasted no time, grabbing me by the hair and gently but firmly pulling me to the living room, where he had set up one of our dining chairs. He had me sit. I was naked and still slightly damp from the shower.

He tied my thighs to the chair, near my knees, pulling them apart; keeping them open and therefore me exposed.

He tied my ankles.

He tied my hands as well, down at each side to the chair legs.


He then tied my hair to the back of the chair. Upon completion, he circled like a waiting vulture. A smack here, a pinch there.

He got out our purple paddle, running it over my body, up to my neck, settling under my chin, lifting it up to force me to meet his eyes.

I could feel the paddle sliding just a little. More and more forward, away from my neck.

Finally, it happened.

It came free and struck me right in the mouth.

My stupidly open mouth.

And right on to the tooth I just had dental work on. (It was so bad, Sir had actually brought me to the ER before we could see a dentist).

The pain was excruciating. I felt like it exploded through my face, though it was just a little tap.

I now fully understand the phrase "burst into tears". They too, exploded out of me, while I tried to contain myself. I couldn't, though, and it just seemed like I was hyperventilating.

Sir did not mean to do it.

Sir feels extremely awful about it.

I think he was at a loss for what to do first. So he settled on holding my head until I calmed down a little. He then untied my hands, which flew immediately to my face. He knew that a normal reaction would be to try and "protect" the area, but my hands were bound. It made me feel more vulnerable not being able to do so and probably increased my reaction. I think I was also crying because it had been so long since we were able to get together like this, and I felt like it was all ruined. We were going to miss out. I was disappointed.

After, he took me over to the couch and let me snuggle in all the blankets.

Thankfully, after another dental visit, the tooth is okay (but requires additional unrelated work).


Hopefully we'll get to revisit this again.


  1. Hi Lea,

    Oh goodness, you poor thing, ouch! That would have been incredibly painful! I'm so sorry this happened. Glad the tooth is ok.


    1. Thanks, Roz. It was a bit traumatic, but things happen, right?

  2. OUCH. i can imagine the disappointment at not being able to "carry on" with the scene might be as painful as the physical hurt. Glad you're ok tho.

    1. Thanks, Fondles. I was disappointed, and you're right. My heart hurt as much as my mouth did!


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