Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Feet to Ankle

Just a little photo from when Sir tied me up last week. We DID get things back on track. I like the symmetry and the feet.

I find it amusing that our vacuum cleaner and dance pad are back there, though. Normally if we know a photo is going to be taken, there is an attempt to "make it pretty".


  1. Your candid photo only goes to show that what you do is all part of life, Lea ... and life isn't always pretty and planned. Happy for you that you are tied up in knots ... er ... cuffs :>)) ... nj ... xx

  2. I love that your vacuum and dance pad made it into the pic! You look quite comfy in that symmetry.

  3. Hi Lea, I love that the vacuum and dance pad are in the photo too, real life lol.


  4. That is one cute photo. I like so much about it.....the vacuum notwithstanding. LOL

  5. they make it real. and that dance pad is cool as anything!


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