Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Choker

When I was out shopping recently (a necessity for a wedding), it seemed that every store had chokers for sale. On somewhat of a whim, I bought one. I wore it out for Sir's birthday dinner. It is velvet with a round sparkly charm threaded through it.

Since I wore a purple velvet top and a black velvet skirt to dinner, it matched quite nicely.

I also wore it out to a munch this weekend (the first we've attended in about a year).

I found this to be an act of service for a few reasons. One, I don't really like wearing chokers. Similar to how I don't like wearing turtlenecks - constricting on my throat. Secondly, it is something I can wear in public for Sir. We don't have a day collar, and I don't wear a collar around my neck in public. I do have my wristcollar, though.

Sir's response: "Eh, it's okay".

I thought he wasn't in love with it because he likes BIG neck collars. While that may be true, his main reason was different.

"I didn't put it there."

Whoa. He's given me much to think about. Perhaps I was being too presumptuous. My intentions I think were good, but he raised an excellent point. I suppose for now, it will go away unless he deems otherwise.


  1. Beautiful choker Lea and I love the outfit :) Interesting comment from your Sir about him not having put it on you. I guess he hasa point.


  2. Lovely choker. I'm like you, I can't stand anything constricting around my neck. I always joke that I must have either been hung or strangled in a former life.

  3. OMG that dress is gorgeous! And the choker is lovely. Maybe you could give it to him and ask him to put it on you? Or could just wear it as a symbol, like I do my silver omega chain that I bought for myself. For awhile early on- I'd ask Q to put it on and take it off, to make it more significant, but that got to be too much of a pain in the ass cuz I am neck-touchy as well and didn't like sleeping in it so take it off every night and put it on in the morning and Q can't be bothered. LOL But alternatively, maybe your Sir could pick you out a nice choker or necklace and put it on himself?

  4. I totally get how you would view it as an act of service...and I'm guilty of trying to do all the service I can because I am (or used to be) so completely oriented that way. But if He didn't ask me to do it or wear it than I have learned not to...and that can be so damn hard.

    I like Tamar suggestions above if you are trying to meet your need and his.


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