Monday, May 09, 2016

Sir is Back!

A week can pass by in a blink, or feel like eternity.

Being away from Sir this past week was somewhere between the two.

And when we finally had the evening alone together - it was wonderful.

Just a simple dinner, and a walk in our neighborhood to pick up ice cream for dessert.

We were getting ready for bed, and I was attempting to shoot my elastic hair bands at him from across the room. Apparently I have poor aim and skill, and the master had to show me how it's done. We went from this, to intense lovemaking and man... I just missed him.

He got me right in the chest, and I joked that he "hurt my feelings".

"Your feelings? Aww, let me get to them and make it all better..."

He pushed me down on the bed and lifted up my shirt and bra. Pinning my hands to my sides, he kissed me in the dead center of my chest - to get at my feelings. Then he just tortured me - licking, biting and blowing on my nipples while keeping me pinned. For some reason I was  very into this - probably being pinned, being teased, feeling his control. I was squirming around but he kept me in place.

When he wanted to take me, it was effortless, raw, intense. Sir pulling my hair, forcing me to look into his eyes while he pounded into me, licking my lips but refusing to kiss me, pinning me down.

All of that; it's hot. I like not having that control. And add that to missing him for the past week... it was explosive.

Welcome home, Sir!

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