Monday, May 23, 2016

Pain... Not the Good Kind

My back has just been killing me lately.

I mean, it always hurts... always (I have some chronic problems). I just don't always acknowledge it. I deal.

But lately it is amped up and non-stop, since last week. It's not so bad that I cannot walk or anything like that, but it is enough that Sir has noticed. My coworkers today noticed. I wore a heating pad all day under my uniform, popping ibuprofen to get through.

I came home and did my physical therapy stretches, but that's not an overnight fix. Just more reason for me to want a TENS unit (both for this pain, and some for fun!)

Sir has been awesome. Picking things up so I don't have to bend so much (I can bend, it just hurts to do so). He's been rubbing this muscle cream on me that really helps. He doesn't like the smell of the cream or the way it makes his hands feel though... so it must be love haha, for him to willingly put that stuff all over me.

I went to my cousin's wedding this weekend. I was able to dance, but staying over in the cabins (it was a country wedding) was murder on my back. The beds were terrible. The wedding was lovely, however.

Sir has day 2/3 of his FINAL certification exam tomorrow! He started the practical today. Wish him luck!

We're going to lay down early - he's anxious about the exam, I think, and I'm just a pile of ouch.



  1. Hope you feel better soon! And lots of luck to him!

  2. Hi Lea, sending positive thoughts that your back improves and that you are feeling better soon. Wishing your Sir all the very best for the exam.


  3. Thank you both so much! He just finished the last day of the exam and we're cautiously optimistic. You generally get a feel for how you did... and I can say that Sir seems okay. If not he'd be an anxious mess!

    I am continuing stretches. While its not better, at least it's not worse!

  4. Hi there, I'm new to your blog! I have a problem with herniated discs too so need to be very careful. But I know just how awful the pain can be when it acts up. I do hope you're feeling a little better by now, but remember this too shall pass.

    I'm looking forward to catching up on some of your older posts and seeing new ones in my fee! I'm over at Fondlers Anonymous if you feel like visiting :)

    Glad to hear your Sir's exam went well too!!

  5. It is great finding your blog. I'm also a collared submissive and I love being able to just talk to others who are in the same situation. So sorry about your back. I have Fibromyalgia so I understand all about chronic pain. My Master is a certified massage therapist and has been learning new massage techniques for Fibromyalgia sufferers. It really helps. For whatever reason, spanking also seems to help. After my Master spanks me, I usually don't have to take any pain medicine until much later in the day.

  6. Thanks for the well wishes, everyone!

    I'm not sure if my back is improving or not. One day I feel progress, the next I'm back to being nearly immobile. I guess I'll just keep doing my stretches and hope for the best.

    I found your blog, Fondles, and added you!

    Elizabeth: I'm glad you fond my blog - I hope it helps. Blogging and chatting with other bloggers was a godsend to me, especially when Sir and I were very isolated (we still sort of are) Sir spanked/beat me this weekend, and oddly I think it helped too! He avoided the part of my back that is the problem. And interesting thought!


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