Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Alone This Week

Sir is spending the week back in NYC completing an internship.

I drove him to the train on Sunday and said goodbye...

I know it is only a week. I know that before we moved in together, we'd often spend an entire week,  sometimes more before seeing each other.

But now it's different. We live together. I see him everyday. We sleep in the same bed and have our little routines. I've  gone away here and there since we've been living together, but not that many days, and I'm the one that is usually away.

I haven't spent this much time in our house alone.

I don't know what to do with myself.

I've spent the last couple of nights on his side of the bed, curled up with the cat (when the cat will grace me with his presence).

I do appreciate that having time away gives us time to breathe. Time to eat ice cream straight of the carton, have chips for dinner and sort of revel in a break from the norms. It's also time to appreciate each other. Time to actually miss one another.

And I do miss my Sir.


  1. I know how you feel. When my Sir goes away I feel lost the other thing that will distract me is my little pony 😆

  2. Could take advantage of this week to yourself to reconnect with friends, schedule some special things for "you time" like a massage, manicure, etc. or have a "Girl's Night Out" at some new place, get together with your family if you have any near, or even just binge watch all the shows you can't get him to watch with you. LOL That said, I know I'd miss Q like crazy if he was gone for a week. I think regular texting/Skype calls and maybe some phonesex would be in order.

    1. I cannot reconnect with friends or family (at least not in person, though I have made time to chat with them more this week), since the nearest to me still lives 2 hours away minimum. Manicures and massages are out as things are tight (and I am not so good at doing my own nails).

      I definitely didn't mean that to sound as negative as it did - I'm not sad about it, just stating facts. I HAVE binged-watched Property Brothers and Fixer Upper all week while enjoying junk food since Sir really doesn't like those shows!!

      Thanks for the ideas!


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