Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

If you're celebrating in the US, Happy Thanksgiving.

I've been traveling since Saturday. Popped over to my aunt's across the state for a birthday party, staying the night before. Same relatives as the redneck baby shower incident. It went okay, and it WAS nice to see them. I had to follow Sir's rules about being stronger around them and not doing much for that party. I DID get some donuts and milk for breakfast because I was not going to eat in front of 4 children when they had no breakfast. Other than that, I just bought a gift and enjoyed the party.

That night, I drove to visit my mom. On the way, I stopped over to visit my dad's upstairs neighbors before going to New York. They've been excellent during everything that happened. The man upstairs is a minister and also performed the final services for my father. It was nice to have dinner with them.

Finally went to see my mom for a few days. I helped her around the house, moving furniture, trying to fix her computer, taking her to run errands (she doesn't drive). Last night we came back to my house. She hasn't been here since the day we moved in. It's been good showing her around and visiting. When Sir comes home tonight, the three of us will be heading to Virginia for Thanksgiving at another Aunt's. Friday we'll be heading back here to check on the cat, then drop my mom off in New York Saturday, and visit Sir's family in New Jersey before heading back Sunday. Whew!

I was a bit anxious about my mom being here, since we do have BDSM things in the house. We put them away, but I did wonder if she'd find them. She's not really nosy, but she doesn't know where anything is in the house and I was thinking she might inadvertently find those items while innocently looking for other things. So far, so good. She nearly opened the collar cabinet, but for some reason, didn't. I'm not ready to explain any of this to her, (or to the whole family - she's got a big mouth sometimes) so if any of that can be avoided it'd be for the best.

Hope you all have a great holiday! I know it will be a hard one for us; the first holiday without my dad, but it WILL be a good thing to see all this family.


  1. Hope you have a Happy thanksgiving Lea. It is hard when visitors are in the house hoping they don't find any toys. You are very busy with all your travels at the moment. Enjoy!
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Thank you, I hope you had a great holiday. We were lucky, no incidents! : )


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