Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sir's Goals and Our Talk

Sir finally let me see his responses, and we went over our thoughts together, in a conversation that took over an hour and fifteen minutes (and we were wrapping that up because it was late and we were tired, haha). I think this is a good thing; it gave us time to really talk about what we wanted for the future, and like many conversations, it developed into other areas to talk about.

Sir's Goals.
It was a good talk. It showed me that although we may use different language and terms, we're on the same page. I am more verbose, especially when initially trying to work through something. Sir did say that his was short.

So the wrap-up version of our talk is that he agrees that right before the shit hit the fan, our D/s lives were probably the best they've been... ever. I guess you have to come really high to fall really low. We're going to start over, basically from scratch. We don't think it should take as long time-wise to build things back up, just because the learning curve won't be as steep.

I'm not sure when he'll decide to re-collar me. In a way, I am surprised that he hasn't done it already. But on the other hand, I think this is also a good thing. It will be on his terms.

Although I didn't phrase it as such and he did, we're both on the same page in terms of a Master/slave dynamic. He and I both feel that this is where we've been heading, organically. I had actually written about this before July and just never felt like posting it after my world crumbled (maybe I'll get to releasing those posts sometime). Its good to know we feel the same. I'd still call him Sir. We'd probably use the term Total Power Exchange if we labeled it at all, and it's something that will take years to get to, we're both sure.

As far as me being a house submissive... I'm not sure if I could flourish in that environment. Maybe if we had kids and there was a reason for me to be home. Otherwise, I think I'd get depressed with that much home-time. Or else Sir would have to put in a LOT of work to make that work, and that's a place he'd have to build himself up to.

I like the idea of working part time, to have more time to focus on service and submission. But again, this would come in years of time. We're not financially or emotionally ready for that. We don't even know in what city we'll be setting down roots yet (should know for sure by late August).

Sir is going to work on being consistent and demanding - expecting more. He's got to uphold consequences of anything he truly cares about. He said he may work on really thinking more proactively about his dominance. Maybe he'll journal. If he did, I'd likely think it to be a private effort. He may start reading the thoughts of other Doms... I know it really helps me when I blog and read the thoughts of other kinky people. Keeps me thinking about my submission and service, even in a time like now where there's not much going on daily.

So for now, I guess we'll have to work on getting our groove back. Putting back into place all those little things that made us work. Made our D/s lives work. and have a plan for how to keep these in place when I'm out of the house for the better part of the day.


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