Saturday, July 04, 2015

July 4th Weekend Pt 1

It's been a good weekend. Sir had off on Friday, which was great - more time with him. Friday  morning, I was going to get up, but Sir told me to lay back down and sleep. Eventually, I did get up. I grabbed my blanket and my bear, and came to sit at his feet in the other room, all swaddled up. He thought it was cute. He only had me sit a bit before he had be get up so he could "set the mood".

He had me go back to our bedroom, place my hands on the door, and he proceeded to belt me. I wasn't fully awake yet. When he asked, "How many"? I thought to myself, "Fuck?"

Not "FUCCCCK"! But a sort of bubbly ...fuck? Like: oh, perhaps I should have been counting those... maybe? My brain was still foggy and my eyes weren't fully open for much of it. Sir was lenient, probably because he realized I wasn't trying to be defiant.

And I wasn't sure what he meant by "set the mood". I thought he meant for a scene that he was going to do right then.  Turns out, he meant for the day. And it worked.

All day - all weekend really, I've been in a more submissive headspace. I've thought of Sir first, and of serving him. I've asked his permission for things more - eating certain things, wearing certain things, showering, etc.. I've thought of things to please him.

After my belting, Sir told me to get up, get dressed, and to make him breakfast. He graciously allowed me to shower before dressing. When I came out of the bathroom because I forgot a towel, he asked me to get him a glass of orange juice after my shower. I asked him if he'd prefer it now, (which he did) and delayed my shower to get him his juice. I think this is where my head should be.

After my shower, I asked him what he'd prefer for breakfast, then made it for him. After breakfast, he wanted to take a nap. While he was napping, he instructed me to: "Pick a room (not the bedroom), and clean it - you have one hour". I chose the living room. But I sort of got distracted and also cleaned the bathroom and started on the kitchen as well. I had a few finishing touches on the living room when Sir came out of the bedroom from his nap. He made a huge show of inspecting the living room (which made me nervous, but I loved). Walking around, making remarks, lifting his finger for dust. I wasn't actually done with the room so I sprang to re-dust the shelves and wipe down a few key areas, and he told me to get him when I was done. He tsked at me when he found dust, and I went about cleaning everything else I could think of. When I couldn't think of anything else to clean, I went and got him. He came back, and said I did a good job. He then took his fingers and starting searching for dust above the doorways! What an evil Dirty Old Man! I started to get pouty and sulky, sure that it would be my demise and absolutely thinking "That's not fair!" in my head. Lucky for me, he found... nothing. No dust up there. What a lucky bitch I am.

We went out for a date night to see Tomorrowland.  He gave me the task of "getting us there on time". I really do love the discount movie theatre by us. It makes actually going out doable for us. When we got home, we were pretty tired, so we went right to bed.


Before bed, Sir had me place my hands on the bedroom door while he beat me with some rope. I did remember to count this time, but I was wrong with the count. I think that if I am standing, and Sir is striking me on my back, my brain does not translsate that to "start counting". But if I am horizontal, or he is only striking my ass, my brain immediately starts counting. This is something I need to fix. And God, some of those blows HURT! Some of them were funny, as people were setting off fireworks, and it seemed his blows were in time to them. He made a thick stack of rope to hit me with. I couldn't figure out what he was hitting me with at first. It did make me thankful to cuddle up next to Sir and sleep though.

More tomorrow. Happy 4th! Here's a shot of Sir that I took while walking around our neighborhood. Man, I wish you guys could see his face (but he has strict rules on anonymity). It's pretty comical.

Happy Independence Day from my man in black.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Happy 4th of July! Here in Australia, its just another day, but we have our equivalent of Australia Day in January.

    1. I was thinking that other people out in blogland may not be in the US, so for my next post, I addressed that!


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