Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Daily Beatings and The Whiteboard

This week is going okay. It's my last week "off" before I start my new job on Monday. I have/had to go in to my current job a couple of days this  week for a few hours, but I've pretty much been home.

Being home has given me time to really reflect on my submission and to keep Sir more in mind. This past weekend, Sir decided to start spanking me or hitting me with his belt in the morning, and before we go to sleep. I've never been big into maintenance beatings, but it is definitely having an effect on my attitude and behavior. I feel like it is also bringing us closer; it's a very intimate thing, you know? I'm not sure if its the act itself or perhaps the novelty of it. Time will tell.

Sir and I have also been rearranging our back office. Sir moved his computer area away from the front window. I love this because I can now get to the window, where I couldn't before. Sir has a huge television computer monitor on his desk that I couldn't get around. Now we can access the window and get some air flowing in here. Once he moved his desk though, he found that my sweet little lizard's tank lights were shining directly onto his screen. So, I had to find somewhere else to put her. Before you know it, we're rearranging the entire back room. The new layout is different in use of space, but provides a little reading nook bordered on three sides by bookshelves. I'm hoping to get some pillows and blankets and curl up there reading soon. Apparently I like to be in contained spaces. ;)

Please excuse the state of the bookshelves; I'm still rearranging everything.
 But if I wait for everything to be perfect, I'd never take a single photo!

While we were rearranging, I also put up a corkboard/whiteboard for Sir. He's mentioned recently that he wanted to get me a whiteboard so he can put instructions, etc. on it. I found two when we were cleaning. He chose the one with the corkboard so he could pin things to it for me. I put it up near my computer, and then had to go about "making it pretty". I added some fabric and ribbon we had lying around to frame the cork board, and put a quote on the whiteboard so it is not so empty until Sir decides to add his touches. Sir said that I may regret that one day - putting so much effort into a board that I may become annoyed with in the future!

 Sir says that a new rule coming will be to check this board 
every day, whether there is something new or not.

I'm off to work in a few minutes. My uncle passed away this week, and I was able to get off tomorrow for the services, but I still have to go in tonight. We weren't particularly close, but it's still sad - he was only 50 and has 3 daughters at home. So I'll have a couple of days with my family. I know it will be great to see them despite the circumstances. I just hope everything stays classy and no one decides to get super redneck like last time.


  1. It's been a while, how is everything over here? Just checking in!! =)

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss. I like the board idea though, i may ask my Master if we should do this as well. I have tendency to be forgetful, I can see the uses for this type of board for various reasons.

  3. Thank you both for your thoughts. Due to some other issues, Sir and I haven't used the board as of yet. Hopefully soon!


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