Sunday, July 05, 2015

July 4th Weekend Pt 2

Saturday was another good day. When I awoke, Sir pulled me into the other room and over his knee, delivering some good morning smacks to my ass. I attempted to count, but I was wrong. I made us a low key breakfast of cereal, and we watched some anime.

Sir had said he'd been feeling "off" all morning, so he wanted to take a nap. And he wanted cuddles. So I got into bed with him.  Sleep didn't come for me though, so after about a half hour, I got distracted, and then I got Sir distracted. I'm the sort of person that prefers to sleep in, and then not nap all day (though I do love me a nap now and again). Sir seems to prefer to rise early, even on his days off, and then take a nap in the middle of the day.

I think Sir appreciated my efforts. The day before, I told him that I had been thinking about sucking him, which is novel for me. It's not that I absolutely hate giving BJ's, it's just rare that I'm thinking about them in a sort of fantasy daydream type way, which I was. Slowly, I woke Sir up from his nap, through stroking him with my hands, then taking him in my mouth, and finally sheathing him within me. He woke up fully for that.

"Condom?" He sleepily uttered.

"Nope, I was just going to go get one."


I rode Sir as best as I could. Sir has a real problem finishing with a condom (almost done with this medicine, then back on the pill - thank God!). I finished, then he flipped me over and fucked me some more. When he had his fill, I gave him my hands, and he got off by hurting me with clothespins while I stroked him. I think it is the sounds I make that do it for him. His climax coincided with him abruptly taking the pins off and my shrieks I think spurred him on.

I think we are both very much looking forward to being done with this medicine, and with condoms, Just a little bit more. I pick up my last bottle of medicine next week!

After a nice shower, we got dressed to take a walk. I was wearing some flip flops, but as it was a short walk, I grabbed a pair of heels. The only way I am going to get better walking in them is to do it. And I have to admit, wearing them is just more attractive. Though I was definitely happy to get them off at the end of the walk.

There definitely is a difference.

Sir and I saw a rainbow sculpture in a local park. Considering recent events, we thought photos here would be fitting. I think our poses pretty much sum up our personalities. Sir is steadfast and I am all over the place. I guess that's why he has to keep me in line.

A photo in the shoes. 
Man, you can see how long my hair is getting here!

After our walk, Sir took an actual nap, and I prepared some dinner. We actually ate in our yard for the first time!

We don't have a proper grill, but the George Foreman does the trick!

 A view from the kitchen window - I was setting the table. 
I am also very excited about the ONE flower that is in bloom on the right!

 Sir takes his seat, ready to eat!

Yay! Our first meal at our apartment al fresco!

Happy Independence Day to all the Americans reading! ^_^


  1. You look absolutely amazing! There just isn't another word for it! Your hair is beautiful, you look terrific in that dress and you're making some wonderful progress with the shoes!! Just Hot, seriously. =)

    Although... there's always and although with me when it comes to shoes, isn't there? lol They look too big and like your foot might be slipping when you walk, the more you walk the more you're going to get blisters because you're not wearing any hosiery. Now i'm not saying you need to wear stockings or pantyhose in 90 degree heat, i'm just saying that it might help if you go for something with a back, something tighter that will you give some support. Just something like this, sort of short, with enough lift to give you a definite heel, but certain support all over. i'm usually able to find this stuff at GoodWill. OK i'll shut up! (but probably not, 'cause i always want the best for you)

    Oh and if your Sir likes you in mules only, then totally forget everything i just said! LOL
    **hugs** i'm happy you had a good time!

    1. Aw, thanks.

      In regards to the shoes- you're right, they are too big. I thought as much when I threw them on before our walk. They were a last minute "OMG I need a silver shoe for this wedding and I need it NOW purchase". I actually don't have a lot of heels. I just did a quick count, and I have 5 pairs of shoes with heels. One is a pair of knee-high boots, two are open toed backless shoes, one is an actual mule (I had to google was a mule was), and the other is a closed toe shoe with a back, which is what I usually pick when I need a nice shoe.

      I'm going to look for a shoe similar to what you pictured at GoodWill. Though, today Sir actually instructed me NOT to wear a heel and put on sneakers before our walk this morning. He said he is rethinking how he expressed his goal of wearing heels to me. I am confused, so he is going to find some images to share that will hopefully illuminate better.

      I am really not a fan of hosiery, but I know that they help with shoes. I have seen shoe-only hosiery in the past (I don't know what their proper names are). Maybe that would be something worth looking in to.

      Thank you for the advice - it is always welcome!

    2. I googled what I was talking about in terms of foot-only hosiery:

      They even have toeless ones, or ones that are just toes!


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