Friday, July 03, 2015

Submissive Cupholder

Yesterday, Sir was pleased with my efforts to do the simple task of providing him an ice cold beverage upon his return home. He thought that my efforts to freeze the glass went "above and beyond".

I think I was in a good headspace - after he took a couple of sips and went to put his glass down, I initially positioned myself underneath the glass with it resting on my forehead. That would have resulted in disaster and no drink for him though, so I took and placed it between my breasts. I proceeded to follow him around the apartment so he could take sips at his will while he changed his clothes, got a snack, read emails, etc.. I got to be his personal cupholder!

He was pleased, and said I was doing "exactly as I should be doing".

He seemed to particularly enjoy the little gasps I made every time he returned the glass to its holster. It was COLD! Sir always says, "I like noises, and I like making you make noises".

I think it would definitely be much more difficult to do were I not wearing a bra and cami. Though the idea of just using my breasts (and maybe my hands to help my breasts) as the glass holder is appealing.


  1. Brrrr! You look pretty as a cupholder though!

  2. Oh man, it was very cold; I went a little numb. Thanks for the compliment. I really enjoyed this service to Sir.

  3. *laughs* You do make a lovely cupholder! And I have found that wearing a corset makes the optimum cleavage for cupholding.

    1. Hah, thanks. I have a couple of corsets around here that I usually wear to Ren Faires - we'll have to put it to the test!


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