Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Spreader Bars

Sir and I have agreed that I appear to have developed a new kink in the course of our relationship.

Spreader Bars.

Man, I do love spreader bars. I'm not sure if we didn't realize this just because we never really used them up until recently, or if my mind would have been too closed to appreciate the idea, but...

I love them.

Sir says that everytime he decides to use one, I get like a flood down there.

I even said last time that I wish we had a wider bar. I think our current largest bar is about 4 feet wide. I'd like to experience one that is 5 feet.

I think the issue I have with our current 4 foot spreader bar is that once my legs are attached to it via cuffs, chain, rope etc, there is a little bit of wiggle room for me to close my legs a little, so the spread isn't actually 4 feet. So a longer bar, or the type of bar where there is less freedom in movement might be nice.

That being said, I still love our 4 foot one that Sir built himself.


  1. Thankyou for your insight to my post Lea
    We have touched on communicating about our d/s lifestyle briefly since I wrote the post I think it's needs determination and effort on both sides..It can be so easy to let it slip and we both need it.
    Your new post about spreader bars is delightful..tying up is indeed the best ;) restraints fab

    1. Communicating and making that effort will take a lifetime. That whole issue is a major point of contention in my own relationship with Sir. Shit happens, life gets in the way, and you really have to work to make it work.

      Glad you like the post!


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