Sunday, February 08, 2015

Places I'm Not Allowed to Go

When it comes to bodies and access, I am an open book for Sir. He is allowed any part of me that he wishes of course, no restrictions.

He places one restriction for himself due to lack of interest: anal. He generally leaves that part of my anatomy alone. Everything else is fair game.

It is not so for me. Sir is wired differently than me, and different than other men I've been with.

I am not allowed to touch his hair. Ever. He let me touch it ONCE, a couple of years ago. And he let me wash his hair once or twice, for the service of it. Other than that, I've not run my fingers through his hair in the 4 years we've been together. I still forget sometimes, and stop my hand halfway from his head.

He is also very disinterested with his ears being touched/kissed. It's not forbidden per se, but he obviously gets nothing out of it, so I avoid that area too. It's odd for me, because that area drives me crazy! Same with his nipples - it's like he couldn't care less when they're receiving attention.

I also typically avoid his feet, because he doesn't like his feet. I don't mind them, I just want to service them so he might like them more. He's not forbidden me from touching them, but he has said that he doesn't like it. Not for the sensations exactly, but I suppose that because he doesn't like them, he doesn't want me to be around them close up?

Are there places where you're forbidden to touch?


  1. I would find it difficult not being able to touch him, apart from when im tied up...but thats different.

    I have no restrictions on touching him unless he specifically says so, but generally he has no areas where he prefers me not to go, i love exploring every inch of him still after all these years lol

    I however am not allowed to touch myself in any initimate way without permission the only exception when bathing.


    1. Tied up and not being able to touch is a whole separate kind of torture haha.

      It can sometimes be harder when you're the one trying to control the behavior (at their behest of course)

  2. I only have one restriction with Lux, which is his feet. Neither one of us likes anything to do with feet, so while not averse to random poking, we don't want attention paid to it. He's also not fond of attention to his nipples, which I have no interest in either, but it's not really off limits. I don't go near his asshole at all out of my own preference, and he doesn't seem to mind.
    As for me, I don't like my feet being acknowledged (it has been a common joke that I don't have feet, and my legs end in heeled knee high boots). I also don't like anything going in or near my ass, and he is very respectful of it.
    I can't imagine not being able to run my fingers through his hair though. So often we are cuddled up with his head in my lap and I am playing with his hair. I don't think I'd ever be able to keep myself from it constantly.

    1. (I deleted one of the comments because it double-posted)

      I find it interesting that you have no interest in nipple attention. I suppose I figured Sir's disinterest was because of him being male.

      The hair is the hardest part for me.

    2. Nipples are one of the last things I think of to pay attention to on my partners. I notice I pay way more attention to a man's hips than they are used to from other partners.
      I'd much rather chomp and grope on man hips all day. Especially on the sides of the pelvic bone.

      I do however, have exes who love having their nipples played with. One got his pierced purely so they would get more attention paid to them. Like with all things, it just depends on the person.

  3. I just looked over and asked him, "Are there places on you that I'm forbidden to touch?" and he gave me an odd look and said, "No, why?" LOL He used to dislike having his ears touched/kissed and/or his sides and the sides of his neck touched, but after a year, he seems to have gotten over that. Me, I dislike having my feet handled, because they're SO freaking sensitive even a footrub is torturous. >.<


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