Tuesday, February 17, 2015

4th Valentine's

Sir and I did go and celebrate a little for Valentine's day. We got dressed up nice just for the heck of it, (and admittedly with my prodding) and went to the movies. We're on a tight budget, but my aunt sent us a giftcard recently, so we could celebrate without guilt.

We found a local theater 10 minutes from our house that has incredible deals on movies. It was $2.50 per ticket for us to see Into the Woods! I know it came out at Christmas, but it's not THAT old! If this is the theater's idea of second run movies, sign me up!

We really enjoyed it. Sir loves musicals, which is an unusual trait most people wouldn't guess about him that I adore. It was a good storyline, good singing, and funny. After the movie, we were going to eat at Chili's, but the wait was insane. I know it was Valentine's day, but even for a holiday, it was nuts. So we left and instead went to the KFC next door. And had a good time! We hadn't eaten greasy fast food for over 5 months (last time being the day we moved in here and were exhausted and without groceries). We had a fun time just being dorks with each other.

Sunday we went to a rope class in our community. It was a good class, and between the classes and getting out to munches now and again, I am beginning to feel more comfortable in the kink community. I'm not 100 percent confident, but I am starting to recognize people, and feel accepted. Sir and I are not as newb-ish as I thought. We of course have a lot to learn, and there's always a different way to do a tie, so it was a helpful class. But I suppose it made me think of things we have done and tried - and we're not as green as we once were. There's progress! There is a lot going on in our local kink scene out here. We're in one city, and near two others under an hour's drive that have kink scenes.

I don't think we're ready for play parties or playing with others yet though. Maybe attending a party and watching might be okay for now, especially the first time.

We had the day off yesterday. I made us a nice steak and potatoes dinner. Sir is definitely a "meat and potatoes" type of fella, so he was pleased. We had a short scene that had him practicing the new chest harness we learned and a pretty effective quick scene with a chopstick - dragging it along my neck, and striking my neck at his will. I think it was just close enough to my face for that heightened fear and sensations, without actually being my face. I also marked myself on my foot in his honor, just messing around with our skin markers. It's not faded  yet!

Hope you all had a good Valentine's Day!


  1. I wanted to see that film, never got around to it, have to wait until it comes out on dvd.

    I love rope, there is something very intimate about it, i think, sensual and practical!


  2. I hope you get a chance to see it - we found it really enjoyable!

    I think rope is very intimate, moreso than other forms of bondage. Yes, someone can handcuff you, or chain you up, but that takes minimal time (though it has its advantages).

    But for someone to tie you - there is time spent there, knowledge being used, creativity in play.


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