Thursday, February 26, 2015

When to Practice Rope/Having a Plan

Sir and I have been attending a rope class. It's great to see other people and pick up new things. Ways to be more efficient, seamless. Ways to enhance beauty of rope.

Sir started a scene with me on Saturday and he got tripped up on the mechanics of the rope. This is an area where Sir usually gets frustrated. He focuses so much on getting the ties down that by the time he finishes, I'm exhausted from standing and bored with the whole thing.

He was trying to get a new wrist tie we practiced in class. After awhile, he finally changed tack. We sat back down on the couch, put something on Netflix, and he practiced, while we watched TV,etc.

I think this is a better ideal for practicing ties. It made me enjoy the feel of the rope, and the act of practicing in a stress-free environment.

I think that when you are trying to do a scene, that is not the time to practice that new tie you learned. If you don't get it right, it can really change the mood of the scene and set things off-kilter. When you're trying to do a scene, I for one have a change in headspace if we go from applying rope, to practicing. It changes my frame of mind, and makes me impatient. I start wondering if we are going to get to the scene, or are we going to get derailed by this?

I think this is an area that really planning out a scene beforehand applies to. Some scenes can be spontaneous and work out fine. But sometimes a lack of planning can be really evident as far as how a scene turns out. It;s always good to have a plan and be prepared.


  1. OMGosh thanks for posting this! Forwarding this to Q, this is a great idea and something we need to work on, ourselves. He loves rope, and I do too, but we both need more practice with it, and doing it on downtime to take the "scene pressure" off it is perfect!

  2. Lux's ex was a huge rope slut, and used to cry for rope every time they played. Lux however, doesn't find rope to be sexual at all. He gets too caught up in what he's doing, and judging his work, that he gets no real enjoyment out of it. Girls constantly ask him for a tie though, which he has the issue of trying to decide whether to tie them or not.
    Fast forward to now, I still haven't had more than rope cuffs done on me, ever. Lots of chains and straps and all, but never rope bondage. We've decided that he should be the one to pop my rope cherry, in a relaxed giggly environment, so he doesn't get paranoid about me bottoming to someone while he isn't around, I have someone I trust for my first time, and it becomes more of a fun silly time than anything else. Also, it gives him the chance to practice and gain confidence with rope, without the pressure of play.
    It might even happen this weekend! Wee!

  3. I'm glad you liked the ideas.

    It can be a lot of pressure and anxiety to do rope/have rope on you. Trust is very key. Its why I like that idea of practice. Smaller trust it built over time in those ties, in a less risky environment. Then you know if you try something bigger that your top has those basics, etc.


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