Thursday, October 23, 2014

Using My Neck

I've been wearing the big monster collar for the past two days, because I've been a bad submissive. I forgot to put my collar on when coming in from work. Sir "caught" me (though I would have told him anyway), and he immediately put on the big collar. Then, after I took a shower, I forgot to put it on AGAIN! This was after already forgetting earlier in the week, too.

Ughhhh. I was/am so mad at myself.

I'm attributing it to the cold temperatures of the house addling my brains (seriously, the house was warm today, and I remembered). The times I forgot, it was freeeezing. But, it's not really an excuse. There is no excuse. If I open the door and Queen Elsa herself is making my home into an icy wonderland, I should still remember to put my collar on.

Before wearing this collar around the house today, I never realized how much I use my chin/neck. Now that I can't really utilize or move it, I suppose I miss it.

Folding sheets and towels, holding my phone while washing dishes. Laying down to read. I can't get comfortable. It's a wonder that I was able to sleep.

I think about how precioustreasure mentioned how she used to have a sleeping collar but her Master did away with that eventually. And she felt that she just has to learn how to be comfortable sleeping and doing anything in the collars he chooses. She is right of course.

I am trying to adopt that attitude, but I am finding it difficult. I suppose it gets better with time. You can get used to anything!


  1. Be interesting to see if you forget again any time soon.


    1. I've been pretty good with it. After being away four days and arriving home at 4 am, I still remembered. Sir went to check, and I think he was surprised! He was glad it has been sticking though.


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