Monday, October 06, 2014


Slowly.... slowly things are coming together.

Today I got finally got hired for a job around here! It's not my long term goal or dream job, but it's flexible and pays well enough that we can breathe and not feel guilty every time we do something (like eat out, or buy jam at the farmer's market... though we've really limited non-essential spending and events).

Our place is slowly coming together also. We've unpacked more boxes, hung up pictures... there's still a lot to do, but at least now it has a basic feeling of a home, rather than just a flophouse with a maze of boxes.

Sir and I are also starting to make this 24/7 thing work for us. Little everyday things that seep into your being. Like tonight, asking for a snack (though I could work on my phrasing) rather than just getting up and eating one.

It was funny. I asked Sir: what if he said "no".

He said, "Then you wouldn't be eating".

"But I'd be hungry".

He just gave me a look. Like, duh. We talked about it and I suppose it just didn't occur to me that he could leave me hungry. I mean, I am NOT starving and we had dinner. But I feel my tummy rumbling. But should he decide that I am not eating any more for the night, then I suppose that is it! He was actually nice and picked a snack for me and let me have a beverage too, as long as it wasn't soda or juice.

We're also connecting better sexually. Not that this has ever really been an issue, but this weekend we actually were able to climax simultaneously. I don't think that's ever happened for me before. It's not something we ever shoot for, because just getting me to finish is a feat in itself.

Though earlier in the week, he got me so good that if the rope wasn't holding me up, I'd probably have fallen. He had bound my arms up by pulling the rope over the door and closing it. Damn if I didn't pull half that rope through the door in passion though! Maybe next time we should secure it to the doorknob on the other side.

It's not ALL sunshine though. I did get punished on Saturday. I was becoming a bit too comfortable, teasing Sir, and not being as respectful as I should be. None of it was meant maliciously, but I can see where it wasn't appropriate. We were in Walmart and I was acting like a little kid, looking at everything, touching things, being mouthy, and Sir just wanted to get ONE bookcase and get out of there. We did end up seeing this metal spoon rest (and we needed one, so we got it). Sir said we needed two. I was confused and kept insisting that one was enough. "What are we going to do with two?" He gave me this evil look and finally I understood. I had to sprint through the store to grab another one because Sir was already in line.

For the last half of the trip, he had to hold my hand to the cart to keep me from wandering. And still I was looking at things, and touching with my other hand. I didn't realize it at the time, but it must have been frustrating for him.

When we got back, he stripped me bare,  and handcuffed me behind my back. He chained my left foot to our bed, and then just left me there. Alone. For an hour. When I asked him a question, he came in and gagged me. I don't like the gag because it makes me drool and I find it really embarrassing. The room was cold, I was uncomfortable, drooling, and embarrassed. And worst of all, Sir was ignoring me. I could hear him in the living room unpacking boxes. He would come in periodically, to get something, and I really felt his absence.

Eventually he decided my punishment was over, and we made up.

I am making an effort to be more mindful of my phrasing, and respect.

Here's to progress!


  1. If I am mouthy like this I would get my mouth washed with carbolic soap along with other punishments. It is horrible and certainly makes me think before speking for a long while. If I am very disrespectful I find myself having to stand with my hands on my head holding a bar of soap in my mouth for 30 minutes which is an even more severe lesson. These ceratinly ensure my role as a submissive housewife is enforced.

    1. That sounds pretty intense. I have never seen carbolic soap, or had any type of soap in my mouth since I was a small child. When I was a kid, I would be forced to sit in the bathroom for 30 minutes with soap in my mouth if I used foul language.

      Sir's choices for punishments usually get the point across for me, but perhaps he'll read this and file this away if I get out of hand (which I hope I don't).


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