Friday, October 17, 2014

Budget Whartenberg Wheel

Now that Halloween is coming up, it got me to thinking.

One of the biggest search terms that brings people to this blog is "Wartenberg wheel".

Well, we still have and use that first Wartenberg wheel... it's a particular favorite when used on my back. Though nearly any kind of stimulation on my back is a favorite.

But now, we have another.

Say hello to our friends! Our first wheel is on the bottom, and the new one on top!
Where did we get this other one? Why, a pumpkin carving kit! A Disney pumpkin carving kit!

When I got the kit I was immediately struck by how similar one of the tools was to our Wartenberg wheel. So out of the kit and into the toybag it came. It does have some differences.

The wheel from the pumpkin kit is much larger, and the pointy bits are more spaced apart. I can't really describe if one is sharper or not per se... it really depends on how much pressure you're applying. Dragging it sideways is another good scratchy sensation.

So if you're getting ready for Halloween, take a look in your kit and see if you've got one of these gems in there!

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