Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BSDM in Songs

I have been hearing BDSM in songs everywhere. I actually have a Project Playlist with songs that I personally find relevant, or get me feeling or thinking about my Dom or submission, but I’ve had to dig to find those. Now, on my drive to work, I constantly hear pop songs that have heavy BDSM themes. It makes me think: how acceptable is this lifestyle becoming?

I tend to think of myself as more of an alt rock girl, but pop is… well, popular. If there are a lot of BDSM themes in this music, does that reflect the times? In a way I’d like to think so, but for most people, I think they’re just playing at it. It’s one thing to be coy and make jokes and hint about being kinky. It can be seen as flirtatious or outgoing, or perhaps desirable. It’s fine to have a night exploring something. But the reality of it? I don’t think most people actually realize what it’s like. Many of the same people who blast Rihanna’s S & M in their car would probably look aghast at what the Dirty Old Man and I get up to, emotionally, symbolically, and of course, sexually. I don't think they would accept the reality of us.

Of course, I could be dead wrong, and there are probably a lot more people who are into TTWD than I realize. I also wonder if I am noticing more BDSM in songs because there are actually more of those themes in the songs being made, or because I am more aware of this lifestyle now. Am I unconsciously (or actively) looking more for this sort of thing?

What are some of your favorite BDSM related songs? Either explicit and obvious, or more subtle to those in the know? Here’s the very first song I put into my play list: Muse - Undisclosed Desires. Maybe I can add more!


  1. One of the best songs in this topic would be
    The gray Bunnies He hit me and it felt like a kiss.
    there is also an old Scorpions song called He is a woman ,she is a man.

    Hope you can find these

    Kind greetings

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Anon! : )

    I did check out the songs, but they're just not for me. The first seems too abuse-laden, and the other, though I love gender bending, isn't really our kink.

  3. Lea - I love Leonard Cohen. Have you heard Recitation (I have it as an audio on my blog, but youtube the London version 2009 for a great rendition).

    I also like BabyBird You're Gorgeous. Not so much BDSM but very sexy song!

    I'll check out your list :)

  4. Sorry, Lea - the audio clip on my blog is Leonard Cohen - Anthem. Love it!

    But the poem I love of his is Recititation, A Thousand Kisses Deep. (youtube)

    Take care, Sky

  5. Yes Boss - Hess is more
    (You will find it in my blog in post "36. Naughty secretary")

    Hurricane - 30 seconds to Mars

    Those you will also find in my blog, in 30th post:)

  6. oops, made typo in link

  7. Thanks, Sky and Vulnerable!

    My speakers have decided not to work for some reason (which I'll have to fix), so I'll be checking these songs out as soon as I'm able!

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