Monday, August 01, 2011

First Review: EdenFantasys Pocket Rocket Vibrator

Since entering this blog world, I’ve seen some great reviews on other blogs of sex toys and other items from time to time, usually from EdenFantasys. I’ve also heard loads of good things about them as a company in general. So when I was approached for their review program, I was delighted and flattered.

I thought that this would be a neat activity for The Dom and me. He would pick out the items for us to try, and then we’d have fun trying them and sharing with others. This seems to be working out fairly well, with the issue of time. We’ve not yet had the time to try this item together since it arrived, so for this review, it’s mainly me going solo.

When the item first arrived, I was pleased to see that it was in very discreet nondescript packaging. I know that it was supposed to come in this manner, but my nervous nature was still worried about nosy neighbors. “Did you see what the girl from 2G got delivered?” Major bonus points to keep that aspect of my life private.

So, what was the first thing the Dom chose out of all the sex toys available?


The Doc Johnson Black Magic Pocket Rocket.

What a gorgeous little package…

I was a little bit surprised by his choice; I thought he’d go for something more bondage or sensory related. Though thinking about it, I can understand it.

I don’t really use toys. When I feel the urge, I do best with my imagination and my own two hands. I do own ONE sex toy, which I barely use, and even that wasn’t acquired solely by me. When I turned 21, my cousin decided that it was time for newly single Lea to put on her big girl pants and obtain a sex toy, probably as some rite of passage (hitting a bar wouldn't have been novel experience for us at all - we start early in our family). We left our Manhattan apartment (and by left, I mean she dragged me by the arm), down to St. Mark’s Place, where we selected our item. Said item has been in a drawstring bag almost constantly ever since.

The Dom likes it when I am sexually satisfied. He said that for him, the whole orgasm denial thing doesn’t make sense. He WANTS me to climax for him. That being said, I am admittedly a hard nut to crack. When I do cum for him, it’s almost by surprise each time; when I‘m just enjoying us together and not wrapped up in trying (Though, once, in a very assertive tone, he demanded that I cum for him, and damn if that didn’t do the trick! I just worry about that not working a second time, getting overused etc). So, typically, when I’m actively trying hard for him, it eludes me. Recently, he bound me and got out my poorly used toy, and had good success! I’m thinking he’s got plans for this newer and better model. My current/old toy could have been manufactured by Crayola. It’s hard, unforgiving bright red plastic. Also, not very discreet. I was babysitting a few years ago and the kid found it in my drawer. She was using it as a sword when I came in with her snack. I was gone 2 minutes!

En Garde!

Back to the new. Upon opening it, my first impression was that it was smaller than I expected. Well duh, Lea, it IS a POCKET rocket. The second thing I thought was that it was lovely to the touch. It has a very velvety exterior that is very pleasing. I actually enjoyed just touching it for the sake of touching it. I even had my roommate touch it, just because it was that nifty.

Stroke me! You know you want to!

As for its use, initially I was a bit scared. Like I mentioned before, I don’t use sex toys, usually I just use my hands. For the one I do own, though it has a vibrating feature, I rarely ever used it. I don’t know if it’s because I was afraid I’d not like “real” sex, or because it was quite loud, or for some other reason, but I avoided that feature constantly, up until the Dom used it on me.

I gathered my big girl courage, and twisted the body to turn it on. It is… amazingly quiet. As for using it - Good Lord it packs a punch, at least for this girl. I went from indifferent to on the edge of orgasm in seconds. Where I hovered. And hovered. And hovered. Eventually I got frustrated, and finished myself off in a more traditional way. I refused to let that be it though. Over the next week or so, I would try many more times, and I became much more successful, having some very powerful experiences. I think because I never use vibrators, my body was just not used to the sensation, and though amazingly intense, it just couldn’t go over the edge at first. The tip has little protrusions on it that really feel like they’re gripping you in all the right places. I didn’t even realize that the cap came off until the Dom got to see the toy (How silly of me)! He did briefly use it on my nipples which was… interesting. I hope to explore more of that later. I’ll have to try all this again with the cap off, though perhaps I’ll save that pleasure for his use; he’s got to have something to try with what he picked, right?

How could I have this for all that time and not known the cap comes off?!

So, all in all, I really like this toy. It has a lovely exterior, an intense buzz, it’s very quiet, and the interchangeable cap will probably make for different experiences. The only downside that both the Dom and I saw was that it only has one setting. But EdenFantasys has loads of pocket rocket vibrators with different interchangeable heads, textures, settings.. There’s even a Hello Kitty vibrator!

EdenFantasys, thanks for the lovely experience!

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