Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Skirt Benefits

You may or may not know, that in my private life, I have a dress code from Sir. I am to wear skirts or dresses. I may wear leggings underneath them when the weather calls for it.

Sir wants to change that to a garter and stockings or thick socks eventually.

Well, the rule had a great benefit this weekend. We went to a party for one of Sir's friends. I wore my leggings and skirt. But it ended up being over 85 degrees and I was boiling. Well, I was able to go into the bathroom and take those leggings off, so I could be in my skirt. 

Much cooler.

I wouldn't have been able to do that had I been wearing pants!

*Found this on the internet. There should be a section for "because Sir said so".


  1. Hi Lea, funny, I tend to mainly only wear dressess and skirts to work and pants at home. We have never had a dress code, although Rick has on a couple of occasions told me what he wanted me to wear.


    1. I have to wear pants at work, I have a uniform. So I now like being in dresses and skirts at home. Its another way to mentally separate my work persona from home.

      Did you enjoy Rick telling you what to wear?

  2. I know what "look" BIKSS likes, but in general the weather is my boss when it comes to wardrobe choices. Right now (for the last few months) it has been skirt city cos it's just so hot. I know he thinks I rock my jeans but I don't think I'll be pulling those out of the back of the closet for a while yet. And he's NEVER complained about a short flirty skirt.

  3. True... I don't know too many guys that would complain about their lady being in a skirt!


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