Thursday, May 09, 2019

New Gift - Velcro Cuffs

Sir bestowed upon me a new gift recently.


We had a nice set of leather cuffs, but one of them broke. One of the ankle cuffs.

It's probably been years since that happened. Sir finally replaced it with a set of Velcro cuffs. They're deceptively strong and ingeniously devised so as not to be out-maneuvered. I'm surprised, and impressed. They also came with a collar, but it itches like the dickens.

Since Sir's biggest kink is undoubtedly any kind of bondage, lately he has taken to having me in the house cuffed up each night.

Yesterday, he added the chain!


  1. I like the look and feel of the velcro restraints, much preferring them over the clinical, institutional looking metal hand cuffs, however:

    1) How hard are they to "slap the cuffs" on the sub - does it require the sub to be still or even cooperate?
    2) Once they are in place, how hard are they for the sub to remove?

    1. I like the leather cuffs the best, but these I would prefer over the metal ones.

      I don't think you could really slap the cuffs on the sub, with the same effect, since the fabric isn't very stuff. I think the sub WOULD have to cooperate a little.

      Once they were on, well I CAN remove them if my hands are free. I think they're designed to be used with rope or other restrains, in which case I would not be able to get myself out of them - the design is strong for being velcro!

  2. @Carl (If I may Lea) they aren't difficult to get out of depending on how you are bound - but in some cases that is good. I don't want my Dom/husband to have a heart attack and me strung up naked from the ceiling until our son gets home *wink*
    I have stupidly small wrists so the velcro has to go around through the metal eye so that takes a bit of time, but I'd imagine if you had normal sized wrists this wouldn't be an issue (also why it is easy to get out as there is a LOT of extra velcro hanging off my wrist. They are very comfortable though.

    @Lea it has been a while since B has used his cuffs- I hope you enjoy them. Very versatile!

    1. Sir too has to put the velcro around the metal eye, but that makes them *just* fit correctly on my wrists. Even with my hands free, it is a chore for me to put them on or take them off myself, though I can do it.

  3. Very nice Lea, enjoy :)


  4. Oh the inventor of velcro ... if he or she only knew ... lol! ... I am in the process of revamping our old but still lovely handmade leather cuffs which I made back in the late 90's ... still very usable ... just in need of some adjustments ... enjoy your new presents, Lea ... nj ... xx

  5. I can imagine that they didn't include this in their commercials.

    I hope you get those leather cuffs back in shape!


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