Monday, May 13, 2019

Lazy Sunday

Sir and I haven't been getting a whole lot of time together lately. We typically don't have the same days off. And when we do, there are usually other commitments.

So we decided that once a month, we will put everything on hold so we can have a day together. That day came, and we had a fantastic Lazy Sunday.

I didn't go to sports practice. Sir didn't go gaming. We stayed in. Slept in. Sir used his logic to take me out to breakfast - "It's not a lazy Sunday if you have to cook, right?"

The rest of the month is crazy so I'm looking forward to our next one!


  1. Hi Lea,

    Sounds like a wonderful lazy day together. It's great you are setting time aside for each other:)


    1. Thanks, Roz! We're getting a weekday together this week too! :)


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