Friday, June 29, 2018

Moving Tape

There's been way too much going on lately. It just seems that everything bad is happening, and everything is a hassle.

I'll get into the events of the past few weeks in a few days. Tonight I bring you a silly thing. This:

Sir and I are moving. It's finally happening, this weekend. I guess I was being mouthy, because Sir used the tape dispenser on me
 (I called him a bitch, in jest).

Then he taped my arm, and gave me a "tattoo". Right before this, he pulled the tape off my mouth, making me shriek.

We're getting the moving truck tomorrow and are in full panic packing mode. But at least we can have a little fun. 


  1. oh packing! a good time to declutter. unpacking - the worst thing in the world ( to me).

    good luck, and yes, a little fun goes a long way in making chores more bearable!

  2. I'm sorry you have been going through a rough time. Good luck with the move! Glad you tok are managing to have a little fun as well :)


  3. Just relieved to see you are in a better place emotionally! Even if it took a little tape to get there. Just be glad it wasn't duct tape! LOL

    Good luck with the move.

  4. Can't wait to hear how the move went - and the settling in. Believe me, I'll be all sympathy - I'm still getting settled in. Hope things are going well for you!!

  5. Fondles: Thank you! And we have done SO much decluttering both before and after the move. There's a donation box down the street that we've been making excellent use of.

    Roz, thank you. It has been tough, but its getting better! A little fun goes a long way.

    kdpierre: Oh duct tape. Sir once put it on my breasts. I'll take the packing tape anyday after that!

    Olivia: The move went well, all things considered. My brother is a butthead and didn't show up but we have excellent friends and family who helped. Settling in will take ages, I fear!


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