Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Black Disposable Gloves

A couple of weeks ago, Sir went to change the headlight on my car. It seems like he does this quite often, since I drive a lot.

I'm not usually with him when he does it, though. Since we accidentally bought the wrong kind of headlight, we had to go to the store to make an exchange, and he decided to change the bulb right there in the parking lot.

When we were checking out he asked if they had any disposable gloves, in order to install the light properly. They did.

Back in the dimly-lit parking lot, he pulled on these stretchy black gloves. Very form fitting. I was definitely ogling him and the gloves.

Sir was beyond happy to get them off - he was not a fan of how they felt.

I suppose I can wait every few months to get a glimpse of him in the gloves during car maintenance though!


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