Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Unplanned Celebration Dinner

I gave my part-time job notice today, and had a nice day outdoors.

Sir and I were going to grab something quick for dinner, but that turned into me changing so I wasn't wearing my work uniform. That turned into and impromptu date night, which ended up turning into a celebratory dinner for the new job, and for Sir passing a certification exam. We haven't gone out to a real restaurant in months.

It was nice.

We took a walk downtown to a local Japanese restaurant and got some sushi. Sir also ordered a Hibachi Chicken meal for me and a Teriyaki Chicken meal for himself. We are sooo full. At least the walking back helped a little bit.

And I don't have to panic about finances - we were just able to enjoy it.

I will be cooking for tomorrow night though - can't do this all the time!

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