Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Good News!

A great, long weekend.

I had an interview on Friday afternoon. Took a lovely walk in the woods. Drove to NJ to visit with my Dad for Father's Day, and see my mom and grandmother. Just got back a few hours ago.

While away, I got some wonderful news - I got the job!


A wonderful job doing exactly what I want to do with my career. Decent pay, and perks.

I start in a couple of weeks.

Sir and I can stop stressing so much about finances. Sir and I can start moving forward again.

Sir can stop worrying about my former career path and my well-being.

Now that I am no longer doing it, I feel a bit more comfortable in talking about my former employment more openly (Sir has also said that he is pretty much forbidding me from seriously entering that line of work again).

Without going into too many specifics, I was a public secondary education classroom teacher. And while I loved the kids and my subject - I really hated it overall. The demands, the HOURS, the stress. The grading, the parents.... It was honestly just not worth it for me. And when we moved, I couldn't even find a decent position, and the one I did find did not pay benefits or a living wage. But I was still expected to do everything as a teacher. It was really rough. I dreaded going to work almost every day. I enjoy the art of teaching. I like interacting with youth. I love my subject. But, pretty much everything that was NOT actually teaching... ugh.

Well, at least I can say that I am free! Free to pursue my actual dreams and hopefully be happy. Be happier for Sir. Be able to support Sir and myself while we continue in this crazy endeavor for another year or so. I hope to be a happier, healthier sub for Sir, one who doesn't have to worry all the time (unless it's things he wants me to worry about!).

Maybe I'll be singing a different tune in a month or so when I'm more established in the new job, but I doubt it!


  1. Congratulations, im sure this takes a lot of weight off your shoulders, and its always good to be working doing something one enjoys.


  2. Great news! Congratulations. I know that feeling of relief. I hope it's everything you want in a job

  3. Congratulations! That is wonderful!


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