Monday, June 30, 2014

Saturday Bruises

Saturday was a good day. Day off! We went to visit Sir's mother in the hospital (she had back surgery). I'm glad I was there. Sir's mother is honestly one of the nicest, most wholesome, good people out there. (How she ended up with her two deviant kids, we'll never know, lol) While there, she said I could "liberate" anything I wanted from her garden. I am trying to spruce up my backyard. It's sort of a moot point now, since we're moving in together in TWO MONTHS! But, I can still enjoy the yard this summer at least. We're having a barbecue on Friday, so I want it to be nice, also.

When we got back to Sir's place that afternoon, we ended up having privacy! I actually haven't been to his place in a few months; he usually comes here to escape the chaos. Sir "encouraged" me to take a nap by rubbing my hair. I eventually crawled into his bed. He woke me up sweetly with kisses. As he was kissing me, he was lamenting the fact that our play bag was at my house (and I didn't bring it to his house, since I didn't think we'd have a minute alone).

So he improvised. Nicely, playfully at first. Just tapping my butt with his hand. Over time, each blow got harder, as his hand traveled around my ass, down my calves, up my thighs, and around my back.

Then I heard him unzip his pants. And jingle his belt around. I've actually never been struck with his belt before, there are always other... implements.

He started lightly, testing. He progressed to harder blows. Doubling the belt has more of a thuddy impact. Using the end is more stingy.

"Take off that dress".

It was more stingy after that.

He picked me up, pulling me by my hair, swatting at my breasts. I feel more vulnerable and submissive when he focuses on my front. When he focuses on my back, ass and behind my legs, I feel more... protected. I also feel like it's more for me, since I enjoy pain there. Holding me in place, he slapped and slapped at my breasts. Then he pushed me on the bed. Whee! That part was fun and bouncy.  He didn't let me be silly for long though.

"On your back, hands behind your head."

Just that tone, I knew he meant business.

Laying there, completely exposed, hands behind my head... I definitely went into subspace. I just Almost too open, but everything is laid bare for him. My hands aren't there to "protect" me. He slowly wound his belt around his hand. Intently looking into my eyes, he struck my breasts. Slowly at first - it wasn't so bad. With each blow, I felt more and more submissive. I don't enjoy breast pain. Well, that's not actually true, I DO enjoy it - but I'm scared of it too. I suppose because I feel more vulnerable. So with each slap of the belt I felt that I was giving more and more to him.

Sir finally decided enough was enough and had to enter me. This entire scene was just... intense. It doesn't seem intense writing it, but living it was just heady. And more so as we joined. Sir manipulated my legs, holding them against his shoulder as he saw fit. Having him physically manipulate my body with his hands (he usually leaves my limbs free or binds them with rope/cuffs) made me feel more submissive, more succumbing to his needs, more of use to him sexually. I suppose its because his control is more apparent. And those positions allow him to get so deep, it actually hurts as he hits the cervix. But I was reveling in it for a bit. Apparently I was saying "ow", but when he asked me if I wanted him to stop, I didn't want him to! I liked the pain from him. Eventually he decided I had enough, and switched my legs. Then used them both on his shoulders. Once he was done with my legs, he pushed back and grabbed for the belt again, continuing to strike at my breasts. He grabbed at the back of my head, pulling my hair up.

"Whose are you?"

"I'm yours!"

"That's right, you're my submissive bitch."

"Yes, sir!"

"Say it - you're my submissive bitch."

"I'm your submissive bitch, Sir!"

I ended up repeating that for him over and over like a mantra as he pulled my hair and belted my breasts.

When it was over, I was definitely down in space. I remember crying, though I didn't feel sad. I just couldn't stop leaking from the face. He was sweaty and I just wanted to revel in his skin. Sir says I get particularly clingy (he says this as a good thing) after we try something new or something is intense. I remember the shadows of his ceiling fan being very interesting.

We ended up taking a shower, and Sir saw that he had left a mark on my breasts. He marks me often, but the redness of my ass, or the lines from the whip usually fade in a few hours. He's ambivalent about the marking. I think he doesn't like that he put it there, almost like he "really" hurt me. He didn't!

I love it. It's not even a big mark, it's a little baby bruise. It's tiny. I like looking at it knowing that he put it there. That I gave it up for him, and took it as his good little submissive.

See? It's itty-bitty. It kind of looks like a heart. There's a barely noticeable second bruise above it and the most superficial of abrasions. I've certainly had worse, and at least this was fun, and I got to do it for him!

Thank you, Sir. I'm your submissive bitch. I'm not going to forget!


  1. This story is so beautiful I had to share it with my daddy ♡ Thank you for sharing

    1. Aw, thanks, Playmate! Thank you for sharing it, it gives me the warm fuzzies!


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