Monday, June 23, 2014

Make Me

I've been pretty sick.

Its been crazy busy at work, planning and running an event last week. Once it was over, I immediately came down with a head/chest cold.

I've not been feeling particularly sexy, and I'm pretty under the weather.

That really did not matter to Sir this morning. Last night, he started to initiate romance and apparently I wasn't cooperating (I was sleeping). This morning he decided that It. Was. Happening.

Feeling unsexy, sick, and tired, I wasn't so into it at first, but the fact that he had made this decision regardless of how I was feeling was actually appealing. Lucky for me, Sir was determined that my body would agree with him. I suppose though, I wouldn't want to be with Sir if he would disregard my pain and health by not making sure I was "ready".

I've been really susceptible to infection lately, so just going for it gets me pain and a trip to the doctor on the regular, which I hate. I'm hoping that I'll  not need a trip to the doctor this week. I also hope the Sir won't need the doctor by picking up my germs.

In other news, I've been deferring to Sir more when it comes to decision making. I came to him last week regarding my finances. Sir and I are saving up for something big. I am receiving a sizeable work stipend for overtime at the end of this week. I didn't know if I should just throw it towards our savings, or possibly pre-pay some of the expenses we'll encounter with our new plans. So, I deferred to Sir. He made some really good points.

If I pre-pay some expenses, those funds are now tied up. And if something bad happens and we need emergency money, it won't be there. We can always pay those expenses as we go. He also insisted that I take some of the stipend and do/get something nice for myself because he says I deserve it and have been working really hard. I'm not sure exactly what to do for myself, but I've been kicking around a few ideas:

A mani/pedi
A massage
A bicycle from Craigslist (I really want a bike)
A cockatiel (this won't happen but its a lovely idea)
Some kind of fun event
A SIMS game
A food scale
A new dress

Maybe Sir will help me with these ideas, too. 


  1. Maybe you can't even have a Cockatiel where you live and i'm not entirely sure of the circumstances but here where we are there are a couple of different places where you're able to rescue smaller birds, not just parrots. Our local Humane Society has a Cockatiel and Parakeet every once in a while and they always come completely hooked up. Cages, toys, food, etc. i had a Cockatiel and she was one of my best purchases ever!

    As far as the dress, while it's not quite as fun as the whole department store "new with tags" experience. i love Goodwill and have some beautiful dresses from there! You might just be able to check off a few things on your list if you scale back one or two of the expenses! Anyway, have a blast, i'm sure your Sir is totally right, you deserve it from your hard work! =)

  2. I had a cockatiel when I was a kid, and now that one of my lizards has passed, I think I'm ready for a new pet (he passed 4 months ago). A coworker has two cockatiels she brings in from time to time, and it made me miss having a bird around. I think in a few months when we're settled I'll revisit the idea.

    I definitely hit up Goodwill and Salvation Army when I come across them - new isn't always better; you can get some really quality things for cheap. There's not a Goodwill or Salvation Army that close to me (maybe a 45 min drive), but there is a thrift store in town that I haven't been in since I moved here.


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