Sunday, June 01, 2014

Catching Up and.... Pervertable Surprises!

I'm probably going to mass-post a bit so I can play catch up on things I've thought about but haven't written. I'd like to keep the thoughts separate and not do a mega long post as well.

A bit ago I was in Dollar Tree and came upon this:

It is meant for barbecue, but I thought it would make an excellent pervertable. So I bought it and waited so I could surprise Sir.

And then life kicked in and we didn't see each other. and when we did we weren't alone. I forgot all about it and I didn't want it to get used for food so I threw it in what we affectionately call the "bondage bag" (though it has all manner of kinky things in there).

Fast forward to a month later when we finally get two uninterrupted blissful days alone. He opens the bag, for other items, pulls it out...

"What...... is.... this......"

"Oh! I totally forgot I put that in there. I got it to surprise you!"

He was pleased. "It's versatile," he says. It's got a nice color. It's got the soft bristles for sensory play. For teasing, for tickling, and for soothing motions as well. It also packs a heck of a wallop, let me tell you.

He was sure to show me just how much he liked it!

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